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700 PT Test Match for Gunslinger

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My local shop is running a gunslinger in a couple weeks and it starts off at 700 points. This past Friday I played my first game of WWE, and am currently running confederates. My list contained

Stonewall Jackson

Belle Wilson

Tobias Franklyn

Dixie Snipers x3

My opponent used the Wayard Eights :

Marcus Wayward

Zarelda Kincade

Hicks Kincade

Jake Matia

He completely destroyed my crew and just ran amok on the board. Even though this was my first WWE game, I've been tabletop gaming for 15 years and this battle seemed very unbalanced to me. Essentially Marcus Wayward and Jake Matia killed everything they shot at, while the best I could manage was to do was make Hicks and Zarelda disordered. Barring some rough die rolls, it felt like the only person on my team who did anything was Tobias, but even then, between the constant cover/mettle/hunkering down, felt like shooting at Marcus and Jake was a waste of time, while they just dismantled me. Any thoughts?

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2 hours ago, useheadbutt said:

Err just a slight correction, gunfighter does not remove the -2 penalty to revolver fan so you need a 6+ to hit (unless they are in cover in which case it is a 7+).  Even with cover that is still an average of 8 hits.

  Correct. As I said, fan is a -2, but canceled out by focus+2, so 6+ to hit.

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