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Making a Teaching Scenario

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Been playing around with a teaching scenario while I've got some downtime in the UK so I can hopefully get my starter set to the table a little more easily - my gaming group likes shiny things.

Anyway - criticism  and ideas please! Hoping my cannibalism of official Warcradle releases is taken in a positive spirit of my love for this game.

I know the fonts are cattawumpus so if anyone knows the rulebook main body font or a free alternative please let me know and I'll sort it

Thanks y'all


Gunfight at Red Oak v1.pdf

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On a more serious note, as had been noted elsewhere, the action cards cannot be split equally, there are an odd number of outlier cards. The action cards deck needs to be edited before splitting (there is the post about someone using the two halves as supplied and wondering why they kept getting less action points)

[Edit] A quick look on the download page makes it look like there are an odd number of "two action" cards and one "five action" card in the deck.

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3 hours ago, Ultravanillasmurf said:

The action cards deck needs to be edited before splitting (there is the post about someone using the two halves as supplied and wondering why they kept getting less action points)

I had seen similar but didn't want to get too bogged down with instructions on sorting cards, do you think something like "You may want to redraw 5s and 1s" would address it without getting too fiddly?

And yes, just play the damn game is solid advice, I'll try and put it in more folksy way!

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4 hours ago, ekun said:

And yes, just play the damn game is solid advice, I'll try and put it in more folksy way!

My point is that often a starter set is the buyer's introduction (or re-introduction) to gaming and so it is reassuring to have effectively someone talk you through it. If you are going to introduce the game to non-players or to convince players of other games you do need to be on top of the basic rules. At a club I used to play at years ago you often only got one go at introducing a game to the group.

The Great Womble has introductory rules in their box versions of their games as does another company with their tank and SF games. The other magical-weird west-steampunk game has a starter set with introductory rules (but you have to download the proper rules rather than have a nice shiny book like WWX).

Even if you started with WRG sixth edition, things have changed over the years.

With the Red Oak Starter set, a good start would be a "Face" off between Doc and Frank (Frank might have to leave Sophie at home). They might need to have more generic stats to make it fair.

Introduce the necessary rules to have the two fight over a minimum set,

I would suggest they both start in cover that is out of maximum range for their pistols. Add some cover between them.

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You don't need to split the Action Point deck. Just draw from one dack and place used Action Card under the deck.  If one of the players draws "5" ... it's a life, some are lucky some are not. WWX is a game of chances. You can plan, rethink your way, next move etc and then you draw "1" and boo hooo  ;] 

Ultravanillasmurf - Frank doesn't have to leave "Sophie" at home. It's like you would say "Wyatt can't use Bunker because..because" ;] It's a little more difficult but thanks to it new players understood that running in the open over 15" is not the best idea, because there are always guys, who can shoot them. 
You can show them, how important is cover for their grit checks, how to pick the best approach, which ability use etc. 

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Had been my plan with having one obstacle in the middle of the table and VP pressure driving both sides towards it rather than a shootout.

Using bosses just meant that spending Fortune on other  units got explained (and more targets). I see the strength in just having Faces so will put it on the table when I get back.

Terrian wise I really held back after I saw another post querying just how little terrain could be used in a first game. But yeah the more terrain and cover the better, it's a highlight of most wargames and cutting it back doesn't work.

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@dzikki: the  splitting of the action deck was suggested elsewhere, as was the removal of the non balanced cards.  It does mean that the action deck gets reshuffled more evenly.

I originally suggested Frank leave Sophie at home for better balance, however looking at the points value (not always a good measure outside the design game size), this does make less sense.

@ekun:  for the first game, minimum rules makes it easier. If the box had contained human "Hand" figures I would have suggested one each to begin with.

A game involving Bosses should be the "End Disc Boss Level" once the basics have been mastered

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Sorry about the delay, "real" work got in the way.  Have made some significant changes based on suggestions, many thanks on your input and more criticism and ideas welcome please.

Overall I'm sticking with both players drawing from the same Action and Adventure deck, I can see the glaring negatives but to bring back to play as close to out of the box as possible I'm sticking with it.  Simplifying every scenario AND cutting back on confusing waffle about who loses/wins getting more/less.

1st Scenario:
Cut right back on the model count and left the boss out, using Ultravanillasmurf's idea to bring it down to just a "face-off" (I like what you did there) Stats are fairly even, the conversation over Frank starting with/without Sophie Rifle to me gets balanced by Doc having Quick Draw: one gets shots in at range, the other gets more lethal the closer he gets to his target, and after playing it I can say it is a LOT more lethal.

2nd scenario:
Now introduces more models.  Odd scenario but figured it needed to change the pace from the first and focus on giving players a look through the adventure deck to get their VP score rather than holding objectives.

3rd scenario:
Points balanced battle with whole starter set: introducing bosses, Largesse etc. with a building objective in the middle to draw folks in for a fight.

Gunfight at Red Oak v2.pdf

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Apologies for resurrecting a dead thread, but I had some questions about this Scenario design, as I am about to start running demos in my home city. I was wondering how you got all the background images and logos and altered them to suit your particular scenario? Also, the green and red cutouts are fantastic! I am a bit of an editing and photoshop noob. Thanks in advance.

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