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I'm considering buying Red Oak starter set - questions

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I am considering picking up the two player Red Oak starter set to get into this game - but unlike some other miniature games starters I get the impression that I would benefit from making a table up with terrain and buildings for WWX.

my question is - with the Red Oak Outlaw/Lawmen starter in mind:

1 - is the starter game playable without terrain and just using a table to start off with to see if we like it?

2 - Does the two player starter pack offer prolonged play or is it just a chance to learn the rules?

3 - I see that the starter packs do not offer the fortune chips. Does it offer alternative tokens in the packs to help play the game?

Thanks in advance.

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The game can be played on a flat featureless table, but the effective one wound nature of combat means some cover is useful.

As other rule books mention, you can use anything for terrain: pile of books for buildings; cans for storage tanks; dice or matchboxes for walls; paper or card barriers or walls. Toy boxes can also provide items.

As WWX is a larger scale game (~40mm) a lot of other 28mm scale terrain will be too small.

The box set contains the full rulebook, two Bosses, two Faces,  two Hands (paws), four support. It does only have one action and adventure deck, there are thoughts on splitting the action deck elsewhere (and the perils of not shuffling them before splitting).

For Fortune chips you could use anything: pennies, five pence pieces (or regional variations),  glass beads etc.

The box set is a good starter and if Law or Outlaws are your choice of faction excellent value for money.

My only criticisms are the absence of  starter or learning  scenarios and the lack of clarity on the action and adventure deck supplied.

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1) I am going to second what ultravanillasmurf said: Make your own terrain.  Terrain is important to the gameplay and balance, but the rules don't call for any specific sized terrain.  Instead all the rules judge terrain by height relative to model base size (so if a wall is more than 1 base size high, the unit can't see over it, ect).  As such, throw whatever you have available on the table and have at it.  For instance, Tupperware is great for buildings because you can actually see the units inside it but it also has a flat roof so units can climb the building.  

2) There is certainly some replay value to just the Red Oak set.  Having both fast bikes, melee units, faces with mettle, and diverse bosses makes for a fair amount of tactical options.  On the other hand,  to balance the points the outlaws should get both gun dogs, but that leaves the lawman side feeling a bit small.  It is better to also get a set of the rangers and a set of the raiders (the lawman and outlaw hand units) which can then act as proxies for faces and other units letting you build custom armies that are more balanced (all the character stat cards are free online).  Each set will cost you about $20 for 10 models which is a pretty decent deal and add a ton of replay value to the game.  

3) For my fortune chips I am just using some poker chips from an old poker set.  Honestly though it is just a physical counting system so any small objects, spin down dice, or pen and paper can work.  Bonus points if you use an abacus.

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