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Boss and posse size

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New to the game, new to the forum. I’ve read the rules but as I’ve never played a game I’m stuck a bit. When I select my boss then flesh out the rest of the posse, can I have as many hires hand or special units as I want under 1 boss or do I need to add another. I’m building a lawmen list so I’m wondering if this is the proper/legal way to build a list. 

Basic 500$ starter list 

Wyatt Earp 285$

hired hands x6 210$

3 rifle, 3 pistol

Then if I bump up to 700-750$ 

id add in some other units. My question is then do I need to add another boss to attach a posse to or do I only need 1 boss for the whole posse list?


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From my reading of the rules (version 1.07) you use the posse cards and fill them up.


For Wyatt (Lawman) Faction posse, you need at least one Face unit before you can select a Hands unit.

For the Tombstone Theme posse (page 9 of the rules) it needs four Face units before you can select a Hands unit.

Have a look at pages 8 and 9 of the version 1.07 rules.

So starting with Wyatt, you would add a face (Doc Holliday from the Red Oak set?).

You could then add a Hands unit (Gunslingers - pistols) and a Hands unit (Sharpshooters - rifles).

You can add more units to the posse filling the available slots in order.

You can start another posse if you wish.


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Yep, Ultravanillasmurf is right.  All bosses have 2 potential posse cards: a default one (which is usually the same across all bosses in a faction) and a  theme specific one which grants some benefit but usually requires more specific characters/units to fill and is more thematic.  You have to fill the posse sequentially (slots 1 through 6 in order) but the posse does not have to be filled before adding in new posses.  So for instance, you could have Wyatt and a face unit in one posse and then add another boss to your army and start a second posse.  


In the upper right, there is a link that says "download posses & armory v1.07" which will list all the posses available to the lawman faction (and a list of weapons your hands units can be outfitted with).  Wyatt unfortunately has one of the most specific theme posses in the lawman faction.  If you like hand units, Bill Hickok has a theme posse with a lot of slots for rangers (the advanced lawman hands unit) and Kingsley Stern's posse has a lot of slots open for deputy units (the cheaper hand unit).

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