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Posse selection question

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Hi, I am still assembling the Gunfight at Red Oak figures but I am looking ahead to what else I need.

From my reading of the rule book (1.07), for Wyatt Earp there are only two potential posses: the Lawman Faction posse (Wyatt Earp) and  the Tombstone theme posse.

The Lawman Faction posse requires one Face unit before you can select Hands or Support. If you want three support, you must have one Face unit and two Face or Hand units.

The Gunfight at Red Oak has the required Face (Doc) and a Support (Interceptor) plus a Hand (K9 attack). A Deputy box would give me two Hands units and I could use the K9 Gundog for a support.

The Tombstone needs three Face units before selecting a Hand unit.

Are my assumptions correct?

For the Outlaws it looks easier, but more varied, as you can start with Mercenary units from the first slot (plus there is Frank's own posse to play with). A Cutthroats and Gunmen  boxes looks like a good start, which do people recommend, Bandits or Raiders?


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I went for the Bandits simply because I liked the figures more. I am also thinking of using them in a Lawman posse as deputies in plain clothes; just using the deputies cards with the Bandit figures.

I think your reading of the Lawman posse rules is correct - but I could be wrong!

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Yes, your assumptions are correct. 

If you go standard lawman posse you can go 

  1. Doc
  2. gun dog 1
  3. gun dog 2
  4. attack k9 1
  5. attack k9 2
  6. interceptor

And then as you get more models combine slots (so combine the 2 attack k9s into one unit and add a unit of lawman hands, combine the 2 gun dogs and add another face, ect.).

For the tombstone posse you need Doc, Virgil Earp, and Warren Earp because those are the only non-boss tombstones, and then you can fill it out with other options.  It is a lot harder to fill out the tombstone posse, but in exchange you have the ONLY posse in the game that can have 2 bosses and the teamwork trait which , if played correctly, can allow you to activate your ENTIRE posse before they get a turn.  If you like the game enough to heavily invest in it, that is a really strong option, but if you still want to play a bit and test the waters, going for a pack of rangers and minute men is a good plan.


As for outlaws, Jesse is a good posse that has one of the most open ended posse lists letting you pick and choose units at will from largest faction.  Additionally prodigious is a pretty decent bonus rule (an additional +1 on any focused action).  On the other hand, bandits are a lot weaker than rangers (rangers have 2 more grit than bandits when they use tinman and have deadeye while bandits get +1 pierce and can spread out more).  It is a pretty even decision between outlaws and lawmen:  Wyatt and hand units are stronger on the lawman side, but outlaws have a lot more Face options and a more open ended posse list.


One last note: buying model bikes are expensive, so if you really like the idea of either jesse or wyatt on a motorcycle it is a good idea to do the conversion now.  You can use magnets to swap out the top half of the models on the bikes so you are not locked into 1 option, but you really have to do it now before fully assembling anything.

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