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Charles Proctor

Beginning playing WWX

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I’ve been posting on Facebook in the Dark Council page and am still new to this wonderful world of Wild West Exodus. I can’t believe I only got the Red Oak starter set at the start of March! That’s all built and painted now and I’ve played four games so far at Wayland Games. I’ve added Laura Anderssen and Nakano Gozen and just bought a box of Raider Cutthroats & Gunmen and a box of K9 Attack Dogs. Now I’ve played my first few games I feel I need a bit more firepower, which is where the extra 10 Cutthroats & Gunmen should help. I’ve not won a game yet, but have really enjoyed them all and my favourites on the table so far have been the Attack Dogs. So I’m thinking a pack of four Attack Dogs should be twice as hard for my opponents to handle, well that’s the plan anyway! I’ve played Outlaws three times so far and Lawmen once in games ranging from 650 to 750 points. I’m still learning the rules and with a combination of playing the game at Wayland Games WWX club night on Tuesday nights and reading the rule book I’ll get there eventually. I might try another faction eventually, but think I need to finish building and painting the miniatures that I have first. I think the WWX miniatures are all beautifully sculpted and are a real pleasure to paint! What extra miniatures would you recommend I add to my Outlaws next?


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Welcome to the game, glad you are enjoying it!  Haha K9s are pretty fun, like little long range cruise missiles that charge your enemies.  Since you have both gun dogs and attack dogs i would run someone with "Sic 'em" which just recently got a huge buff.  During the turn of the Face with sic 'em, you can spend an AP to target a enemy and then all your dogs (gun and melee versions) focus their attacks for free for the rest of the turn against that enemy.  Additionally if you have a dog unit nearby, you basically can take that dog's turn for free right afterwords thanks to teamwork.  I will mention some good outlaws with sic 'em and you can look up their full stats here: http://www.wildwestexodus.com/content/73-outlaws-stat-cards 

Procopio: Long range sniper with good piercing but only 1 shot.  Has "gun down" so once your k9s are in melee he can keep shooting without worries.  Smoke grenades pair well with your cutthroats.

Ben Hamilton: Med range with 2 shots and ok piercing.  Shrouded helps him live longer and he also has smoke grenades.

Tobias Franklyn: long range multishot lethal gun with good piercing.  This guy has a great offense but no other utility.

Amadeo Savoia: Another long range single shot.  Doesn't have deadeye or gun down, but has ammo clip on his gun which is strong.  Has inspiration which lets nearby units get 1 free reroll per turn.  Also has smoke grenades 


Aside from sic 'em, someone I always recommend is Sasha Tanner.  Not only does he look cool, but with forceful strike he can have piercing 4 which bypasses mettle and toughness making him a great Boss killer if you can get him into close range.  

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