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As i build my HEX up i thought i'd share any thoughts i have on the characters and how i would use them. Hope it's helpful!


At 250pts The third Man is quite a chunk of points for a BOSS  but he's an absolute beast and here's why...


Although his stats (bar Mind) are average THE THIRD MAN is still an  " in your face" kind of character. He has no close combat weapons but boy does he bring the shooty bang!


TTM brings not  one, not two but FOUR ranged attacks to the table! TENEBROUS SHROUD is a great weapon for dealing with characters. It has the BLAST quality which will stop your opponent from using QUICK AND THE DEAD and ATTUNED which means when he focuses this attack it becomes PRC - 4 (Attuned makes your PRC value equal to half your MIND value) which will also ignore METTLE meaning that most characters will be instantly vaporised! SHADOW PORTAL gives him a bit more range but with COMPLEX his AIM will drop to 3 making the shot a bit of a hail mary and with PRC -3 i'd rather be using TENEBROUS SHROUD, however with the PORTAL WEAPON quality it becomes very useful for moving troops around once all your HEXALITHS have been destroyed. With a base of 13 TTM can reliably fire off PORTALS at quite a distance! NECROTIC BREATH is your classic HEX TORRENT weapon and is ideal for hitting enemies in deep cover or in buildings, especially with the ENGULF quality and PRC -2. HEX BOLT is another HEX classic and with SHRED, REFINED and LETHAL on the roll of a 9 or 10 thanks to REFINED plus ROA 3 PRC -2 you can say goodbye to any annoying small units...  So basically if you're within 12" of The Third Man you'd better hide under a table and paint yourself white to deflect the blast...... 


METTLE, TARGET PRIORITY and LARGESSE as standard but wait - NO QUICK AND THE DEAD!!!!! You may think that this is a huge weakness however due to his supernatural abilities TTM comes with SHROUDED instead. So rather than a once per turn 50/50 QUICK check every successful hit against this bad boy must be re-rolled so a more than fair trade off in my eyes!


DARK COUNCIL. First of all this awesome rule allows me to field a HEXALITH. Second of all it allows me to control TAINTED units in my force OR my enemies. it's costly at 2 AP but a free action for your own guys or the chance to kill an enemy BOSS with his own Posse is not to be ignored. Just be ready for cries of "that's not fair" and other salty goodness from your opponent when it happens.... IMPERVIOUS is quite frankly obscene. Although we've indicated that TTM can be quite squishy due to a lack of QATD, ignoring the PRC value when it comes to GRIT checks makes this evil old devil very tough... LEECHED ABILITY is another rule that's going to bring on those table flipping moments by stealing a special rule from a kill. Just imagine dropping WYATT EARP with a well placed TENEBROUS SHROUD then stealing his BUNKER ability for +2 GRIT.... oh my... FATEWEAVER is another expensive ability but you can seriously ruin your opponents plans by messing with their ACTION or ADVENTURE deck. NODE OF POWER is just wrong. Plain wrong. Picture this if you will.... I activate TTM and rain down hell on the enemy with 4 FORTUNE plus whatever AP's i can draw from my cards. Then all that FORTUNE comes back at the end of his activation. That'll hopefully see me through the rest of the  turn. Then at the end of the turn my FORTUNE comes back again!!!!! Not only that ANY friendly model may use his FORTUNE, not just members of his Posse. The only thing that could make that any funnier would be if you had one or two RESTORE cards in your hand....

i can't wait to get this guy on the table.



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I agree with most of the points made.  He is a beast.  Shrouded and Impervious make him a real tank.  I disagree with the take on  TS.  It is a hail Mary.  Against characters you only have a 10 percent chance of attuned going off. otherwise your PRC is 1.  If I am playing this wrong please tell me .  I have  gotten more mileage out of Hex bolt.   I have his Posse  he is worth every on of his 250 points.  The posse comes in at 1020 points  and is an excellent buy.  It  allows you to touch most other factions.  It is also a good stand alone for most scenarios.  Board control is weak as you have too few models.  all other points made are excellent.

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