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Andy P's Rof Fleet

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Paiinted these up last week to play a "Blockade" scenario against my FSA-wielding opponent. Whilst ultimately my 500 point force was crushed by his 1000 point force (having both his BB's randomnly set-up right in the front-middle of his deployment zone pretty much sealed my fate) they performed admirably, particularly the Magenta MkII. Despite pretty much taking on the whole FSA fleet itself it was one move away from escaping off the board before it succumbed.

Magenta MkII







I hope to expand the force to 1000 points at some point.



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Very nicely done sir. Are the Epaulard's a darker blue or is that just a photo effect? If they are darker I really like that color choice.

It's so hard! Everytime I think I've decided how to paint my ships ( always tipping back and forth between historical black hull with white superstructure and DW's official scheme ) I see some gorgeous paint job like Andy's and drift in the other direction! :)

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Nice work on these, Andy. Imitation being the highest form of flattery, would you mind sharing the paint colours and techniques that you used? I'm on the verge of starting my RoF force and am looking around for some inspiration. I particularly like the darkness and (inking?) of the blue that you have in your dazzle pattern.

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It's great to see more of your stuff. Thanks for sharing.


I had no idea the Rochelle had a hanger in the side! I suppose I shouldn't be surprised with the French. It's like the Portlandia skit, except instead of "put a bird on it" it's "put a tiny flyer on it."

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