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Table sizes?

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I noticed in the rule book that the game can be played on 2 different size tables, in what situations would you play on each table size?

Additionally, is there a standard tournament size for table and points costs yet? My local group is getting into the game, and we are trying to figure out what the appropriate level to build too and play at is, as we are a competitive minded community.



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Rulebook p.58. Adventure Scenario and Deployment 


Decide on your game size

Both players should decide on what size game they wish to play. In a tournament, the organiser will have set the game size beforehand. Common Adventures are designed for a 3' x 3' for games of 1499 Points or less. For games of 1500 to 2499 Points, we recommend a 4' x 4' Play Area. For larger games players may wish to proportionally increase the Play Area.

There aren't many tournaments out there yet, i guess, but i'd say that the average game size ranges between 1000 and 1500 points. At least in our local group.

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