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Just starting with the newly released Clade box and I must say I am impressed and thinking about just totally joing the Watchers and dropping everybody else for my personal posse.


What lists have people are people running

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Hello, I am brand new to WWX and I just bought the Viridian Starter but I am not sure what to build out of it. It looks like my options are flyers or a missile pod I think.  Also, the posse card looks like it needs more units than what is in the starter. I assume that is the point  and the posse card is "what to think about next" Is that correct?

Any help would be appreciated as I am unsure of what to build(thinking of magnetizing maybe) or where to go next. 


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Don't just think of magnetizing, do it! :) 

It'll open you much more diverse posse builds.

Besides that, the current posse card of the Viridian Clade (v1.08) specifies only full Viridian units, instead of full posse slots. Which means that you can play the Viridian Alpha, Chigoe Beta and Locust Beta plus a unit of 3 Locusts/Chigoes (whatever you prefer).

While the unit of 3 Locusts/Chigoes isn't at full strength, the Chigoe and Locust Betas however are and gain the Prodigious rule (both units consist of 1 model as stated by the stat cards).


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