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Game Sizes?

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Hi guys!

Very excited to be jumping into Wild West Exodus. My gaming buddies and I all picked up starter sets and a huge amount of Wild West terrain at Salute this weekend and we're going to have a blast with those I'm sure.

Looking ahead to the future, though, I'm curious if there's a community standard for 'normal' game sizes. The starter sets will keep us busy for a while I'm sure, but it never hurts to plan!

Obviously in the core book there's the 3 categories for 0-999, 1000-1499 and 1500+ - I'm mostly curious as to how the game changes at higher points values, beyond the probably-obvious 'game will be longer'. 

Looking at my Tribal Retribution posse, for instance, it looks like I could easily fill out 1500+ points in there if I wanted to because of the large number of Hands and Support slots available; but again, I'm wondering if that's actually a sensible move or if you want to be trying to get multiple Bosses in big games so you've got more Fortune points. I guess that probably comes down to whether you want board control or rerolls for your guys?

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Usually, you'd go with several posses with bigger games, you really need those precious fortune points. However, I'd say whatever your gaming group's meta is and what you guys prefer will fly. The game is amazingly scalable and fairly easy to get the basic hang of it, however remembering all the special rules and possible effects of bosses and faces on hands etc is the tricky and tactical part. kind of like earlier Warmachine and Hordes or good old confrontation 3.5 come to my mind there. 


And terrain yes We're moving to using more scatter terrain, though I currently have all the old houses, I'll probably pick up the new ones in a month or two.

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