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Posse Building question

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I have a very limited selection of models right now and I am looking at getting the Red Oak starter for a friend. 
would the following work VS. one of the Red Oak posses? I think I need more braves but the Red Oak Starter doesn't seem to have generic foot troops

Ghost wolf
 Brave w/heavy weapon ( I think I need 2 more braves?)
Energy beast (Sky Stallions?)
Flowing river 
Zarelda Kincaide

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So... Ghost Wolf Posse options currently would not work with the models above.... In his Themed Posse Judgement of the Plains in the 1st slot you can bring Hawkeye or a Warrior Nation Hands Unit.   Then in Slot 2 you could bring a WN Face and/or Hands.  Slot 3 WN Hands and/or Non-beast Support (Kaga, Shaman, Spirit, Firebringer), Slot 4 WN Face and/or Hands, Slot 5 up to 2 WN hands or Support with out Beast Trait, Slot 6 up to 2 WN Hands or Support Units.

Ghost Wolf Faction posse also requires lots of Hands... Slot 1 up to 2 Hands, Slot 2 WN face and/or a WN Hands, Slot 3 Face and/or Support, Slot 4 Hands and/or Support, Slot 5 Face and/or Hands, Slot 6 Hands and/or Support... 

You would not be able to bring River or Zarelda as they do not have the Warrior Nation Trait...  

To get you into a playing force you would need to pick up a set of Hands... this would allow you to fill Slot 1 and Slot 2 of a Faction posse then allow you to Slot 3 your Energy Beats and Slot 4 your Weavy Weapon as Kaga Bro... (or you could Gat or Bow up one of your Brave Hunters in Slot 2)

You would need to bring an Outlaw Boss to start another posse to bring River and Zarelda.

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