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how fluid can posses be?

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I have a very limited selection of models right now and I am looking at getting the Red Oak starter for a friend. 
would the following work VS. one of the Red Oak posses? I think I need more braves but the Red Oak Starter doesn't seem to have generic troops

Ghost wolf
 Brave w/heavy weapon ( I think I need 2 more braves?)
Energy beast (Sky Stallions?)
Flowing river 
Zarelda Kincaide


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I'll start with "braves" - yes, You need 3 to make one of them with heavy. 
Zarelda is not going to work with all above - she can be in Outlaws posse as a face or in Waywar Eight Posse. Just like Flowing River. 

Ghost Wolf is a good boss. I've attached two posses where he can be a boss. 

Here are the selections posse for Warrior Nation - read carefully which units you need to put in each slot.  They must go one, by one. Each posse needs different boss. http://www.wildwestexodus.com/themes/community-theme-16/downloads/rules/posses-warrior-nation-v1.07.pdf

Here You've got all the card for Warrior nation http://www.wildwestexodus.com/content/75-warrior-nation-stat-cards

If You have more questions just ask. 


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