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March Pre-Orders: Red Oak, Angry Mob & More

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February saw the release of the first Red Oak terrain from Warcradle Studios, it was so popular that we've released a further three sets of terrain, all part of the Red Oak range! You can now pre-order the Red Oak Distillery, the Red Oak Prospector's Shack, and the Red Oak Crates, Fences and Barrels from today, all of which are supplied primed for easy painting, due for release on Saturday, March 31st.

With these buildings, you can further immerse yourself into the Dystopian Age and add a special dimension to your Wild West Exodus tabletop games. Each piece of terrain has been manufactured in Medium Density Fibre Board (MDF).

Alongside the release of the new Red Oak terrain - a great way to set the scene in games of Wild West Exodus - we have the Angry Mob miniature set and four different base topper sets available for pre-order!

Our Base Topper sets, released 31st March 2018, are sure to get your miniatures battle-ready - after all, what better way to get your miniatures tabletop ready than with a wild west themed base?!

Make sure to check the whole of March's pre-orders so you don't miss out on any of the new products.

3D buildings sneak peek wave 2 Facebook.jpg

 Distillery Site Pic.jpg    Fence & Scatter Site Pic.jpg    Shack & Wagon Site Pic.jpg

Distilleries are an important part of any growing town. A booming industry in the Union frontier, it is highly lucrative being able to supply the good folk of the West a steady supply of hooch, rocket fuel and other more medicinal libations. 


A sturdy fence, barrel or crate serves several purposes out on the frontier. The most obvious is to secure property and assist with the transport of goods. For gunslingers and civilians alike, they also make superb cover which they can run between when the bullets start to fly! 

Not every home in the Union is a mighty Promethean Complex, mansion or townhouse. Most of the folk who live out in the settlements make shelters out of whatever materials they can find. These rickety shacks, while commonplace are usually temporary and you often see wagons nearby ready to be hitched up when the resident decides its time to move on. 

Angry Mob Facebook.jpg

  angry-mob.jpg    angry-mob (1).jpg

angry-mob (2).jpg    angry-mob (3).jpg    angry-mob (4).jpg

Angry Mobs are useful strategic units in Wild West Exodus. Combining the ability to deal a surprising amount of damage with the ability to disrupt your enemies plans as they draw attention to themselves. Uncaring governments, interfering lawmen, mysterious mutilations in the middle of the night...   There's a lot to get angry about in the Dystopian Age! 

This product contains


  • 4x Angry Civilian Miniatures
  • 3x Bases.


Site Images Base toppers Large and scatter Group.jpg   Site Images Base toppers Medium Group.jpg    Site Images Base toppers Medium Oval Group.jpg    Site Images Base toppers Small Group.jpg


We have released four new base topper sets, to give your miniatures the bases they deserve!

The Red Oak Large Base Topper Set & Scatter Terrain contains:


  • 1x Large Round base insert
  • 1x Barrel
  • Scatter Terrain.

The Red Oak Medium Base Topper Set contains:

  • 3x Medium base inserts.

The Red Oak Small Base Topper Set contains:

  • 5x Small Round base inserts.

The Red Oak Medium Oval Base Topper Set contains:

  • 3x Medium Oval base inserts.

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