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Enlightened “Unnatural Selection" Theme List

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It would now seem that we're spoilt for choice when it comes to  Organised Play so a few of us in the Warcradle Studio (and some friends) have decided to prep up armies for  some Badlands Adventures of our own!

As Badlands Adventures are narrative based i decided to go with my long term fluff favourites, The Enlightened. Led by the miniature that got me into Wild West exodus all them years ago i shall be bringing the nasty with none other than Kyle The Black!

The aim is to meet up and play once per month whilst showing off our modelling and painting progress on this very forum.

Let me know what you think

1000pt (995pts) Unnatural selection Theme List


Boss - Kyle the black 240

Brute - 2 x Gatling Brute 190

Face/Hands - Harmony Ratchett

Brute - 2 Flamethrower Brutes 150

Creation - Creation 7 185

Face/Hands - Apex Hellion 125

2 Brute/Support -


Theme Bonus

Although currently unavailable due to the sixth slot not being filled this won’t be a problem when i jump up to 1500 points - i’m looking forward to my Brutes being rid of Tasked!


Kyle the Black

- F 6 and three different flavours of close combat that include Brutal as a basic on two of weapons coupled with high piercing and Murderous? Do not get into a fist fight with this guy!

- Incredibly survivable with the Meatshields rule plus he’ll be kept near Harmony at all times for Tough.

- Treasure Hunter will help me out with Guts buffs and Glory VPs

- Carpathogen will help mitigate the Meatshield casualties and those sacrificial constructs screaming back to life, only to die again and again...



- These guys will soak up a lot of damage and dish it out with Gatlings and Throwers...

- Harmony and Carpathogen will keep them ticking over nicely

- They will make the most of On The Lookout and stick near the Boss or hold objectives


Harmony Ratchett

- She’s the linchpin of my Posse. Sawbones. Nuff said. Who doesn’t want everything in their Posse to have Tough? And all for 105 points!


Creation 7

- Two high piercing (-3!) close combat weapons with a two inch range? Yes please! And i get to double the piercing value for an Action Point? Don’t mind if i do! That’s piercing minus six right there. Ludicrous

- A Torrent weapon AND a Gatling Weapon? As far as shooty burny death goes - job done

- Can move away from Harmony and the Boss as he brings Tough himself. And Mettle. Oh my.


Apex Hellion

- This is my Objective and Glory grabber. Fast and has Flight plus Trailfinder. He’ll be grabbing those Glory points most players ignore...

To expand this army to Gunslinger Tournament level and beyond i’ll be adding a Doomsday (Kyles whip) and some Constructs to bulk out the numbers for Meatshield - Bring on the shamblers...

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As an Enlightened player myself, I fully support this. :D

Can't wait to see how Creation VII turns out. All that NMM will look amazing. Got him (them?) on my desk waiting for paint but I'm pretty intimidated (and not just by the awesome array of weaponry). Also really looking forward to hearing your tactical thoughts as you go along. I think it's an area of WWX people are only just tapping into and there's a few things I'm curious about. How to keep Ratchet within 3" of as many units as possible while covering objectives? How to get Kyle into melee range? Best way to use Carpathogen (unless you're me where you forget to keep that fortune around or straight up not be in range:()?

All in all, hope too see more soon, it's looking awesome so far!

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