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WWE - how to sell the game to local community?

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Hi all,

our local scene is more and more fragmented and it is increasingly harder to introduce a new game here and be able to support it for longer period of time as the market is flooded with skirmish games these days. Major skirmish games played here are Malifaux, Infinity, SAGA (and offsprings), Battle Companies (LOTR) starting to grow  and Vanguard (Kings of War) has future potential as well - so, those are main competitors.

What are your reasons for playing Wild West Exodus? I need good arguments - game mechanics, unique things, parts of the setting etc. - so people at least have a look at the rulebook.

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One of my reasons is the wide range of unique miniatures. You can play Cowboys vs. Aliens. Or a Raider Force against the native people of America, the Warrior Nation. You got historic figures like Abraham Lincoln, Wyatt Earp, Jesse James and so on. So every stile you like is supported. You got cowboys, Aliens, corrupted beasts. Everything!

The rules allow for some really fun moves. Ever saw a unicycle riding up a building and shooting down that sniper? The look on your opponents face is worth the try! The game itself is pretty fast paced, fun and quick to learn. The best moment I ever had was Oron shooting Jesse down, then Jesse did his dying breath move, killing Oron. Then Oron got his revenge with killing Frank James through dying breath. Until that moment I was losing the game. After that the whole game changed with my victory! Unlike Warhammer or some other big games, nothing is decided until the end of the game. Because one good activation can change everything.

So there are many reasons to get into the game.

I got nearly the same problem in my club than you. I did several demo games, to get people into the game. And well, some started playing the game. You need to at least provide a fun demo game, Then everything else depends on how you display the game and the miniatures.

So I hope, I could be of help to you.

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Great Sales pitch ;)

Personally, I'd mention:

That the manufacturer is well known, been around a long time, investing a lot into the game. 

Great and easy mechanics.

Low entry cost. 50GBP for a starting set including all rules and necessary gaming material. Or the starter set which will only cost you 35 GBP for two factions and all necessary Gaming Material.

Lots of different great looking miniatures readily available.

You can have a fully fledged table including terrain and a Gaming mat for less than 150GBP.

Great and developed Background. 

The company is very engaged with the community and steadily supporting the game.

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