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Warrior Nation “Children of the Great Spirit” Theme List

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Time to take the plunge and dive head first into the awesome Warrior Nation.  Time has been a major distraction so not having had as much time as I would have liked to play Wild West Exodus I have decided to class myself as a “Noob” and put my competitive list development here (in the vain hope that my ramblings might be of interest for other new players!).

So after numerous conversations with our sage Daren here is the starting list and the thoughts behind it. Bear in mind I asked him for a list that would give me the same kind of thrills and worries as Dark Elves from ‘that other game’ back in the olden days lol

Warrior Nation Posse “Children of the Great Spirit” Theme

Chief Raven Spirit (Boss)

Alcon (Hands)

Stonefist (Hands)

2 x  Spirit Apparition (Face/Spirit Support)

2 x Spirit Apparition (Face/Spirit Support)

Spirit Shamen (Support)

2 x Sky Stallions (Support)

Theme Bonus - Maxed out Warrior units gain Totemic

Chief Raven Spirit is ridiculous in combat, incredibly survivable with Shrouded, Mettle and Tough. He can use Mind instead of any stat (for an additional AP of course). May summon Spirit Apparitions into base contact with himself. Regains Fortune at the end of the turn as well as his activation.

Alcon can fly and is great at capturing objectives or Glory bonuses. He has Trailfinder & Moving Target which helps him get up the board real quick. He provides one large or 3 small totems, and he is good at ranged & hand to hand combat.

Stonefist is good in combat, great at shooting and has Blast & Attuned. Being mounted he can move and fire, while Bunker puts him up to Grit 9 which is “Wyatt Earp good!”

Spirit Apparitions can be summoned directly from reserve by Chief Raven Spirit. They are ludicrous in combat and blow up to kill things when they die.

Spirit Shamen bring more totems to the table, are OK in ranged and close combat.

Sky Stallions have durability with Mettle & Moving Target. They can use Spirit Aim to get around tricky shots, have a Torrent weapons and high piercing values when Attuned.

Expanding this army will bucket loads of Plains Warriors for more Totemic fun!

I have bought all the miniatures now and am hoping to get them assembled during the next week. Painting won’t be as quick but I’m really excited to get this on the table in the Hockley store sometime soon!

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Loving the detail on those, very crisp and clean!


Join/parting area selection is interesting - I've always had a fond spot for ball/peg and socket joints so its interesting to see a few shaped edges going on with some arms. Although being as these are in plastic at least the parts should line up well and give an easy join (with metals in the past from other brands, I've had issues sometimes when its clear one bit is a little bigger/smaller than it should be). 

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I used to run Walks Looking posse as I like to get up close and personal but since last errata that removed meele range on tomahawks, got mu butt handed to me twice in a row :(. I just got murdered by iron horses gatlings and grenades. I don't see a point in running Sky Stallions now and they're even more expensive than iron horses. Also, in my opinion Kaga brothers are probably the biggest waste of points in the game at the moment.

Now I plan to run Ghost Wolf for 1000 points list:

Ghost Wolf (boss) 245p

Alcon, the Sky spirit 145p

Irontooth 215p

3 Plain stalkers 105p

4 Brave hunters 120p

Either 2 Firebringers or Great Elk    170p/145p

Posse not enabled becouse I love charging with Irontooth waaaay too much:rolleyes: and oooh, the treasure hunter ability.

With 6 totems on the table I might have a chance to seize some control, score some VPs and hopefully avoid spontaneusly changing into colander without doing much harm to my opponents.

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1 hour ago, Warcradle Stuart said:

I'm a fan of Sky Stallions (and the new Storm Riders have appeared in the combined PDF too!) Attuned spirit bows with Spirit Aim are nasty. Plus if your enemy tries to tie you down in combat you can just ride out and Elusive makes it hard for them to catch you! 

Yeah, I get that they must have some use for 80 points per piece. But from statistical point of view I personally would rather take 6 Brave Hunters (180points. If needed I can add this one crossbow for that -3 piercing for +15 points) than 3 Sky Stallions (240points) and shot 12 times with piercing -1 than 3 times with piercing -3 (Also, I've never found Spirit Aim ability really useful, maybe it's just the way we set up the table and play:unsure:). And they have same limit and weapon range too. Of course, that is for taking out hordes as I tend to play against Union a lot. And I have same issues with Kaga brothers as they have same exact stats as hunters. In fact, they are basically  brave hunters with crossbows (additional cost included).

Maybe against creations they would be good with that "built in durable" thingy on those (Creation rule). But still, for holding points and scoring those VPs  I'll take Hunters over Satllions any day.

Just my personal experience:rolleyes:.

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