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Not Mad Max?

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 A similarly wild and dangerous place can be found half a world away in the outback of Australia. There, the Enlightened and Australian Outlaws race in sturginium and RJ fuelled battles across the lethal landscape.  The aboriginal peoples there are part of the Warrior Nation and take no prisoners should these high-speed interlopers violate the sanctity of their sacred places.

This is quoted from the Dystopian Age overview that Stuart had posted.

Does anyone else read this and get a vibe of something like Mad Max? (I mean Australia, come on, right? That is where he lives!) Or more than that even,  I thought of something like Gorkamorka, which I missed out on playing, but always thought sounded like fun. Honestly, the Dark Nation Reavers models have always kind of reminded me of Orks anyways, and I can just see a rowdy gang of them piled in the back of an RJ fueled trukk, hooting and hollering

Obviously Warcradle has several more important irons in the fire at the moment, with Firestorm Armada, Dystopian Wars, Armored Clash, Uncharted Seas, etc etc. and those certainly should and will get attention first no doubt. But what do you guys think of the possibility of a Mad Max/Gorkamorka style game set in the Dystopian Age? Would you play?

 Even if it doesn't ever see light as a game, what do you guys think of it fluff wise, crazy racing battles in the outback? If not that, how do you interpret the quote from the Dystopian Age overview?

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Who knows what we'll see come out, if everything goes well I'm sure we'll see something come across from Down under.


WWX is set in the Wild west after all, there's still a vast world out there that can be developed into other games and systems, I'd love to see giant land trains racing across Aus, weather in Armoured Clash or as a rolling battle style game, ohhh thats it battle Trains, you and your opponent are competing t reach a destination and the first one to get there wins and did I mention those Trains are heavily armed :)

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