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We’ve got a small tournament this weekend at 1000 points and I’ve decided to pick up order as my first faction. At the moment my list consists of:

legendary Elita Nura -245pts

Venatici Helios - 130pts

Aeron Bran - 130pts

Janna Salto - 145pts

Siraj - 165pts

Tumbler Cohort -95pts

Booby Trap - 40pts

Any tips on how to play this list? Or other ideas for posse’s in the future as I haven’t seen many posts on here or the Facebook community page about anyone playing order.




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Hey ShiDono,

i moved your post to the Order Factionforum. I think it is more suited to the faction Forum.

I am playing the Order. My experience is that our Hands, the Spica, are pretty powerful. They are an allround equiped Unit with descent stats. So I always try to include at least one or two Units containing at least 3 models. I got great games with Nura. She is a true melee Monster. So everything to support her is welcomed. On Aeron and Siraj. I can't tell you anything, because i don't own them at the moment. Helios is great. Flexible and excels at running missions, or picking up lone Faces to meet their end. The Tumbler is surprising. At first he doesn't look so promising. But the look in your opponents face, when he climbs up a buildings wall to wreck havoc on that lonely sniper or support piece.  Janna is great support for Portalmovement. Having two portals on the field is great. And with up to four portals you can move your pieces around as you want. Overall I think you list sound fun to play. But I would personally include one Hands unit.

I hope I could be of help

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Thank you. I can agree that the hands units are pretty good I plan on using them when we go up in points a little so I can drop in my pillar of light. I didn’t think of the tumbler climbing buildings but will definitely from now on

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Yeah. The Thumbler is Agile. So he automatically passes climbing tests. In the rules I did'nt found anything that hinders that movement shenanigans.

The Pillar is something I plan to get my hands on. But not now.

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