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Halo Ground Command and Fleet Battles Forum Archive?

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Hello I am CIA391. I am a admin on a site called Halopedia(a Halo Wiki). I am here to ask if its possible for an archive of the Halo Ground Command and Halo Fleet Battles forums can be kept somewhere.

I mean they are "Legacy" stuff from Spartan Games. And while they are no longer made I feel it would be useful for users who still have those sets to see old conversations. (This could be for numerous reasons like seeing old strategies, seeing what stuff was discussed, and so on) Plus it would be helpful for me so I can get sources sorted on Halopedia. A lot broke after the old Halo related forums vanished.

Plus a lot of users may have lost access to old posts they may wanna reference in the future.

Thank you regardless of the answer.

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Hi there,

Nazduruk_Bugzappa is correct here.

Unfortunately, Warcradle did not get the rights to Halo. This was due to the license reverting back to Microsoft. All assets (including all digital ones) had to be destroyed, Your best bet will probably be to reach out to Microsoft or get a mirrored archive from one of internet archive projects.

This is also documented in the related news posts, about Warcradle acquiring the dystopian wars and  Firestorm and Uncharted Seas settings.

I hope this helps.


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