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Wolfgang Jannesen

The Sentry Box in Calgary, Alberta

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This store is amazing. From the outside it looks like a small two storey warehouse, maybe even converted office space but when you step through those doors... You're on a walkway overlooking aisle upon aisle, row upon row of board games. In the distance, a Brontosaurus raises its head out of the book section and calls to its brethren in the neighbouring Battletech and Aerotech sections. Lancaster Bombers pour down the staircase on the distant wall, defending the treasured 'Historical Wargaming' loft. 


The the sentry box is responsible for the games I ended up getting into, and that's Battletech and its Spacefaring brother. Any game under the sun exists here, every community (aside from a good active FSA group :/ ) under the sun exists here. The owners have let me dig through boxes in the back room for a few different dead and out of print model lines. The sheer dedication to keeping these games alive, no matter their current 'status' is what makes the Sentry Box such an amazing place to discover new hobbies and players. Oh and it's gigantic for a hobby gaming store. 

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