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10 minutes ago, Burson_Carpathian said:

The Infernal Investigations posse might get me to build my Lawmen again, i really like their rag-tag witch hunter theme :)

BUT what i'm most excited for as an Enlightened-player (and a die hard Ghostbusters fan) is the Soul Hunters theme posse.

I must admit, I am very much looking forward to getting the Soul Hunters theme posse! 

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As someone who waved goodbye to facebook a long time ago, I really do appreciate this being here, thanks!

Nothing like some cool images of upcoming releases to get me pumped and painting on the ones I already own

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Have you seen the latest Wild West Exodus posse previews? We've two more posse's to show you!

Feast your eyes on Countess Byron's Galvanic Mysteries and Wicasasni's Dark Nation Posse.



And for those wondering about the immense Vor Khet, don't worry, he's so massive he needs to be released separately!

Both The Dark Nation Posse and Vor Khet will be available later this year.


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