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Warcradle - Limited Print/manufacture runs?

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Thank you for the update Rich!

As someone who's seen 1st hand the... "entitlement" that happens after a business goes into administration I'm not surprised at all at what went missing.  (Hell, as a kid I can remember helping my dad load a Drill Press onto his pickup at night- and he was the guy closing the place down!)

I think the biggest cause of consternation right now is a combo of the unknown at whet designs will change and the after-market drying up.  If you search on EBay, you'll find the vast majority of DW stock is now the land game.  This isn't moving obviously because those in the know know the entire land game is changing scale!

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That's pretty much it. I was one of the few people in my area who had land models (and I did buy more during the last 4 months) but am now holding off until I find out the fate of certain models  (smalls, and mobile airfields specifically). I already know the 6× trains I own  (from the 1st version of Armoured Clash) are useless with the scale-changes, and I'd need something to place over the DW-scale planes for the mobile airfields.

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It is sad  to hear that the molds were treated so poorly and that you having to deal with this many problems.   I would rather have a well designed product of high quality than a poorly designed cheap produbt that is made just to have something to sell.   I wish you the best of luck and I will try to wait patiently.  Emphasis on the try.

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