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Point Defense from allied SRS

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Now that we got an official forum back.

Do you get Point Defense from allied SRS?  Say you're playing a 2 vs 2 player game, for the example a Dindrenzi player and an Directorate player were teaming up against a Terran and Oroshan player team.

Would the  Dindrenzi ships benefit from being within the 6" Point Defense radius of a Directorate Interceptor SRS token?


(From page 67 of the core book)

...any SRS Tokens within 4" of the target model’s Flight Peg (or
6" for Interceptor Type SRS), may Combine their Point
Defence values with the target model.

Now assuming of course that an enemy SRS is NOT going to be adding it's PD to an enemy ship, can anyone find a listing in the book where a allied but not part of your fleet SRS token wouldn't give you PD Cover?  I haven't found it, so by RAW you CAN get  PD protection from allied SRS token.

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I think in a matter of balance it would depend on how your playing the game.

If it 2 players verses 2 players and each player has their own activation set, I would say no.

If its 2 player verses 2 players and a side shares their  activation then I would go with yes.

Have 2  6 stack interceptors hanging out between 2 dreadnoughts would be pretty game altering.

Also there is more than enough real world examples of where communication codes are not shared between allies (gulf war / syria etc)

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On 1/21/2018 at 3:16 PM, alextroy said:

The rules don't really provide guidance for playing more than one-on-one. Going straight from the rules, I would say, yes they provide defense to your allies.

This is the wrong way to view what rules actual do for a game, which is grant permission.  The rules tell you how to play the game; thus, if they do not state you can do something (such as use an ally’s Token for Point Defense) then you cannot do it per the rules as written.

Nothing is stopping you from creating your own rules for this, since you are already making up rules for multi-player games.

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The thing is the rules do state what is allowed, defensive fire, models must use there own point defense to defend themselves

Any model in it's squadren AND within command distance can link

Any escort in it's squadren And within command distance may combine

Any SRS within 4 inches, 6 inches for interceptors may combine

There is clear stipulations attached to the first 2, measeruing commanders distance, and being in the same squad

SRS have no stipulation other then distance, if they are within this distance they may combine.

This means they can cover ships in any squadren, whether or not they are in the same fleet, and oddly enough, the word Ally isn't even used, I can, by the rules, defend an enemy model with my SRS if I choose, the rules state this is allowed, I may combine if  within 4 inches.

This can lead to bizzare situations, but I have done three way battles before, they are not balance, though they are fun :)

and you can defend a ship with bombers one turn, and bomb them the next, no it doesn't seem to make sense, but admirals are allowed to allocate their rescources as they wish in this case, whether or not it's a good idea is another story...

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Not exactly... here is what the rules state on page 67, when describing the 2nd step in the procedure for Torpedo attacks:


Any Escort Type models in the target model’s Squadron within Command Distance of it, and any SRS Tokens within 4" of the target model’s Flight Peg (or 6" for Interceptor Type SRS), may Combine their Point Defence values with the target model.[\quote]

Thus, while any Token is allowed to Combine its available PD with the Target Models, the Token may choose which Model to defend, including not Combining with the Target Model. Further, it is generally understood the player ‘owning’ a given Token is who determines which Target Model it will defend.

Thus, my previous post is also incorrect; another player’s Tokens may defend an ‘Ally’s’ ship.

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