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Ice, Ice, Maiden

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Good morning everybody-peeps.

I've been eyeing up the new ice maiden and been sorely tempted to pick one up. With that and my russian Ice mines and some scenery that Im looking to make. 

I've looked for ice painting tutorials but cant find any that would work on this 'scale'. Any tips or tricks on painting ice looking structures? 

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It just depends on how "dirty" you want it to look.  Ages ago, I bought the "secret base" set (3× plastic islands, and several buildings) and made it into an iceberg-complex, with various different shades of grey, up to not quite white. This made it look like it was carved from an already-existing iceberg. For my Russian ice-mines, and the Ice-Maiden, I replaced the greys with blues, to represent the "artificial" nature of the ice.

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