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3d Models?

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So, I've been trying to recreate some ships from the Firestorm Universe in the voxel game (still in development, might never release, but whatever) Starmade. It's a long process because I admit, it's a game I have to be in the mood to play. I love building, and when I get in the mood, I play it for weeks, but eventually lose steam. Because the game is still in development, I've just been focusing on making the hulls, with no interiors. I've been pretty proud of what I've done so far, but I always hoped I could get my hands on 3d models to just directly import into the game. I never really looked into it, because I figured releasing 3d models would be perhaps problematic, with 3d printers being more common.

I did get hopeful however, when Spartan Games started showing off upcoming models in an online 3d model viewer. At the time, they claimed they had plans of going back and uploading their older models as well, and looked forward to seeing if I could get them to work for my purposes. So, does anyone know if Warcradle has plans to upload the 3d model viewer again? Perhaps one of the staff will even see this thread and is willing to help? Even with 3d model data, getting them to work in game will take time, and especially with fixing things that don't transition well, but it'll be a fantastic resource to have, and would make getting all those details for these ships perfect. 

My original goal is to get Frigates, Cruisers, Battleships, and Stations for the Dindrenzi, Sorylian, and Terran factions. Those ships would translate best into a voxel game, especially if I'm making them by hand. The other factions would be great sure, but would be nearly impossible with my skill level without 3d models to import for sure. 

If anyone is curious, here are some pictures of my work thus far. I haven't touched these ships in months, but I'm still proud of how they've turned out. 




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Those look good! Well done!

I've actually thought that a PC game of Firestorm Armada would get the table top game more attention. No idea if Warcradle would want to go down that path, but if they do and it' s priced right - I'd buy it in a flash!

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Thanks for the praise. I enjoy the Dindrenzi faction the most on the table top, but I am more proud of how the Sorylian and Terran frigates turned out. Both of them had moments where I wasn't sure I could quite replicate some designs properly, but came up with some solutions that worked splendidly. Even if I don't get my hands on some 3d models, I do plan on continuing the project, but like I said, I have to be in the mood to really get something done, and it hasn't struck in awhile. 

As far as the interest into Starmade. I both recommend it, and don't. The game has been in development for a long time, and they have a very small dev team. I love the idea and hope some of the more significant features I'm waiting on get released, but the devs have revamped some older systems recently that's caused a pretty big rift between them and the community. I hope they are able to make it right, but the idea that they spent months rolling out a reworked system to have it so badly received can't be a good sign. There's plenty to do in the game now though, and it's been fairly optimized over time. There's a universe that spawns in planets and resources, you can create your own custom factions for the AI to control, and there's even a mechanic to control territory and space.

Where it lacks though is the AI of the NPCs. They really don't have tactics for their ships besides "Fly towards enemy, shoot." It is something that will be worked on eventually. Eventually, there will be physical NPCs that can man stations on your ships to emulate a more RP friendly game. There will be a scripting language admins can use to create custom NPCs, quests, and missions. There will rework planets from how they currently are (which are basically small things right now) to more large planets you might see in No Man's Sky, with a robust flora and fauna system. Weapons wil be reworked at some point, including new visuals. There's a lot they are promising, I just hope they get to these things and roll them out. As it stands, at their current rate of progress, I don't see any of those large changes coming out until a year, maybe more, so the game still has a long way to go, even though it's been out for a much longer time.

The two things that keep me coming back though, are the advanced build modes, and logic systems in the game. Unlike in Minecraft, you can enter an advanced build mode that allows you to build ships within a physical body. You can drop down several blocks down at once, copy/paste areas, create and insert templates and patterns. It makes for making large ships possible, because without  it, you'd just be placing down one block at a time, and that'd be unbearable. The logic system is also robust, allowing for some impressive builds limited only by imagination. I've created hangars that auto sort ships into docking bays based on how full they are. I've created doors that are made by normal blocks but physically slide open and close, that even can be locked out if you aren't a certain player, part of a faction, or even a certain rank in the faction. I've created extendable docking ports so anything Frigate size will be able to dock with any other ship. Activating different levels of alerts, that could put the ship into different states of battle. Escape pods, are flush up against the ship and automatically launch out once inside. A crafting factory that outputs particular items and amounts by typing what you need into a terminal, which finds the necessary components in your storage area, sends them to the crafting blocks, and makes what you requested. If you can imagine it, odds are it's possible with work. It's seriously impressive. 

So, as a creative game, I can't recommend it enough.If you want to build some of your favorite ships with some cool features, you can have a lot of content. It's just not there as a game beyond that yet. There's still some missing components that can really make this a real game. But if you love build projects, just enter creative mode, and go to town. I just hope eventually they'll add and rework the other content to make the ships you build worth using.


Oh, and currently they have no weapon systems. I did test having fixed firing arcs on the Sorylian, but it was only a test to make sure it was possible. Here are some more random pictures, including showing off the Sorylian firing beams, and a small taste of what the Logic system is like. 







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There's a goood few builder/crafting games in the same position - nice engines, good building - but no "game". Especially once you're past the stage of learning how to build. 


From the Depths is one I'd recommend more so than many others as they've got a working AI system and campaign mode. So there's a game side to it - plus you can AI your own ships (from submarines through to space ships). 

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Oh yeah, I've seen From the Depths. It did interest me a bit, looked like a voxel RTS which is cool. 

I should also mention, Starmade is currently free to play while in testing, so there's no purchase point to test while in Early Access. Either you can get the game right off their website, or download the "demo" on Steam. The demo is the full game. If you want to buy it now to support them, you can. It's cheaper now that it will be at launch, but they don't require you to buy to test it out. Something worth commending. 

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