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For the first time, Warcradle Studios brought Wild West Exodus to Essen, Spiel. From the stand to miniatures, painting and sculpting, Warcradle Studios could not be more proud of how well Spiel 2017 went for Wild West Exodus!

The demo team were out in force at Spiel; Daren, Joel, Will, and Simon worked extremely hard delivering demos to happy Wild West Exodus players over the four days. They were a joy to watch and, as shown by the smiling faces taking part, an absolute blast to take part in!

We're hoping to see more new faces on our social pages, as well a down your local FLGS, and I can almost guarantee it will be because of these great guys.

20171026_152515.jpg      20171026_152426.jpg

20171027_114215.jpg      20171027_121335.jpg

20171027_120101.jpg      20171027_120121_002.jpg

20171027_120853.jpg      20171027_121349.jpg

20171027_121410.jpg      20171026_152434.jpg

20171027_121428.jpg      20171027_122452.jpg



20171027_133147.jpg      20171028_124744.jpg

20171028_124255.jpg      20171028_124824.jpg

20171028_131745.jpg      20171028_133301.jpg


If you missed the demo team at Spiel, but would love to learn how to play by watching a demo of Wild West Exodus, we are looking to run even more Trailblazer events at local stores and clubs!


Check out our Trailblazer page for more information.

The Incredible Tabitha Lyons was on our stand as Rani Nimue and as Countess Byron - a new cosplay designed by Artyfakes especially for Spiel! We think they did a great job of bringing the Countess to life, what do you think?

Check out the full gallery here to see the amazing transformation of Tabitha into the Countess.

20171027_130720.jpg       20171027_155108.jpg



This time we mixed the panels to show off some of our newer character artwork.  Two popular artwork was that of the new Celestials and of Countess (due to Tabitha, of course). Check out the gallery below to see all of the character artwork on display at Spiel.



20171027_125339 copy.jpg

20171026_095044 copy.jpg


20171026_093900 copy.jpg

DSC00087 copy.jpg      DSC00089 copy.jpg




20171027_122938 copy.jpg

DSC00067 copy.jpg



How can we come to Spiel without showing you what our studio painter and 3D digital sculptor got up to!

20171026_105356 copy.jpg      20171026_114128 copy.jpg      20171028_122728(1) copy.jpg

20171028_142731_001 copy.jpg

20171029_144613 copy.jpg

20171026_105411 copy.jpg

20171029_154243 copy.jpg
20171029_154254 copy.jpg

20171029_162207 copy.jpg

20171029_162217 copy.jpg


Did you go to Spiel 2017?


What would you like to see Warcradle Studios bring to their next event?

Let us know in the comments below!

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