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Into The Badlands Battle Report - Will VS Luke

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Today was truly a clash to behold, Lukes creepy creations of the Enlightened facing off against William and his band of Outlaw Bikers...

Mission: Supply Run

Points: 600

Special Rules: One Boss, one Posse


Luke the Construct King - Enlightened (Legendary Carpathian, Creation VII, Unit of 2 K9 Attack Dogs, 1x K9 Gun Dog)

The background of The Enlightened and the look of the models really gels with me. The weirdness and options for originality are what I tend to go for in an army. I chose Legendary Carpathian as my boss because who can say no to a tank with an Atomic Mini Gun? Also, his offensive firepower is frightening which more than makes up for his lack of survivability.

Creation Seven came next as his two options for both ranged and combat makes him incredibly versatile. He can be a little unreliable with Action Cards but his coolness makes up for it!

For Carpathians personal guards I chose Attack Dogs as they are also great at capturing objectives with their incredibly high speed and Rapid rule.

The Gun Dog fills a gap in points nicely and brings a Durable Gatling gun to the table.

The plan was to lock down hard hitters with the Attack Dogs whilst Carpathian and Creation Seven can move up the table without worrying about reprisals. The Gun Dog is more of a distraction for the enemy to ignore at their peril...


Will the Interceptor Kid - Outlaws (Marcus Wayward on Interceptor, unit of 2 K9 Attack Dogs, unit of 1 K9 Attack Dog, Unit of 2 Interceptors)

For a start, I really like the interceptor models so they were a must-have. Marcus Wayward is a character I just had to take as he suits my playing style - fast and shooty. He’s reasonable in combat and provides multiple benefits to my entire posse such as Treasure Hunter and Inspirational. Not to mention his Peacemaker is Piercing -4 and Brutal.

I then put him on an interceptor for three reasons - firstly they’re cool, secondly, he gains extra firepower, extra speed and a virtual extra life in exchange for quick and the dead, thirdly, no-one in the League has used Wrangler yet… and it works...

The Attack dogs went in to fill up the Hands slots and fit the theme of my list - I like the idea of a pack of Robo-Dogs keeping pace after my bikes.

The plan was to take out Lukes chaff and then knowing how much he loves to take Carpathian and Creation Seven, I could focus on killing them individually whilst using the automata to distract and claim objectives.

Social Image_FB.jpg

Turn One:

Forces from both sides moved at top speed into the town. Following tactical protocols above all else, the Enlightened Gun Dog ran to claim the objective in the centre of the table but was met by a ferocious hail of fire from the pair of Bandit Interceptors and Marcus Wayward. Unsurprisingly, the Enlightened Gun Dog was annihilated.

Seeing his plan falter, Carpathian sent his Attack Dog to contest the objective recently captured by the Outlaw Boss and locked Marcus Wayward down in combat. Carpathian nodded to himself in satisfaction as this ploy would buy him time to bring his nightmare creations into play...

As Carpathian fought the K9 attempting to drag him from his Interceptor, Marcus took note that one of his own K9’s had seized another objective in the town's only saloon and that his other Automata were perfectly positioned to press the advantage...

End of turn Victory Points

Outlaw - 2

Enlightened - 0


Turn Two:

With attack protocols clacking in their machine brains the two K9 Attack dogs Marcus held back from the fight charged their Enlightened counterparts and quickly turned them back into their component parts...

Now free to pursue his plans, Marcus Wayward kicks his Interceptor into high gear and tears around the flank of the town, only to be met by the hulking Creation Seven spooling up his Rj powered arsenal! With no time to evade the Interceptor is blown out from underneath Marcus, throwing him from his saddle.

However, as no stranger to an opportunity, he landed hard but with his gun up and blew both of the hulking beasts brains out all over the soft summer grass. But, even as Marcus dusted himself down, the remains of Carpathians monstrosity began to coalesce and a mewling Hex Beast took its form from the leftover flesh.

Carpathian couldn't use his Carpathogen to keep his Construct alive as he was just out of range... Enraged at his lack of foresight and under fire from the Outlaw Interceptors, he unleashed the enormous firepower of his Atomic Minigun, putting down Wayward in spectacular fashion.

End of turn Victory Points

Outlaw - 4

Enlightened - 1


Turn Three:

Still following their most recent attack protocols the two Outlaw K9’s attempted to rush the newborn Hex Beast but they were Intercepted by Carpathian himself, allowing time for the grotesque amalgam of body parts to extrude boney spikes and blades ready for combat.

At a nod from Carpathian, the Hex Beast charged into the fray and destroyed one of the Automata. The remaining Outlaws powered up their Hyper-Velocity Rifles and riddled a pustule ridden beast with large bore fire leaving the Legendary Boss as the last Enlightened model standing.

In an almost dismissive gesture, Carpathian crushed the remaining K9 and hosed down the daring Interceptors, leaving only a pile of smouldering ash representing their prior existence...

End of turn Victory Points

Outlaw - 5

Enlightened - 2


Turn Four:

As the fog of war began to clear from the battlefield the last Outlaw Attack Dog switched to survival protocols and made a break for the edge of the town denying the Father of the Enlightened a total victory.

End of game Victory Points

Outlaw - 6

Enlightened - 2


3c6ca5b5-8bbf-4303-bacf-8db94c9e0100.jpg        4afd9b15-1047-40ba-a5cc-00dc579f47e8.jpg         5cd799c0-8ca6-4d0f-bb33-911f0ea69032.jpg

49cb841f-4f22-4dae-b95e-d17bc8bd0461.jpg         55eadf6e-72ad-45f6-ad24-e2e37512bfbd.jpg         238e49fa-7ae8-4ec3-8ef9-737c9e79d972.jpg

313934e6-a095-4583-9bd4-5fce275f6985.jpg         ca0da290-c292-43c6-a6e1-7d5e09c04f6b.jpg          d94a76ff-140a-4dfd-be74-34ba54b1ff50.jpg 




Luke the Construct King: 

That was an incredibly exciting, fast-paced and cinematic game, I thoroughly enjoyed facing a themed force such as this one, and Marcus Waywards Piercing  -4 Magnum Peacemaker was definitely a challenge for the muscle of the Enlightened. The speed of my opponent was crucial in picking up those vital early Victory Points and in the end; brain had beaten brawn.

I will be adding more speed in the shape of Constructed Uhlans and a touch more firepower with Creation Five ready for round two. Follow Carpathian, for only he can set you free, until next time you dastardly K9s!


Will the Interceptor Kid:

K9 Attack Dogs are amazing! They scored me the lion's share of the objective points whilst executing my initial plan well. I was a little over eager with Marcus Wayward which ultimately led to his demise but he was epic anyway. Moving forward I need to plan how to deal with high Grit models with Tough. I’m thinking of adding Amadeo Savoia to my list for the next round as he has an RNG 20 rifle with Ammo Clip, this will allow me to support the rest of my troops and deal with any big nasties I may run into further down the League.

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