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Kapitan Montag

Ottoman's in 2.5

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Anyone got anywhere with the Ottoman's 2.5 ORBAT? I'll be trying them for the first time this weekend, and am looking forward to trying out some of the changes.

Particularly, I'm hoping to get some use out of the mines now that they are devastating and the MCG are moving them a healthy D3 + 2".

My 1000 point list will be:

Hisar + MCG

Sadrazam + MCG

2 sinops

4 mizraks

4 avcis

4 zuhafs

I really need to paint up some more ships so I have more options.  I think the list is more suited to playing as separatists, but as my opponent will be playing covenant it just doesn't seem right. :)


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I won a tournament at 1500pts with the Ottomans in v2.5. Absolutely trampled my opponents in my first two games (won the first game 2000vps to 90vps vs British, 800vps to 300vps vs a submarine  japanese list, and scraped a win vs another Japanese fleet when I mag exploded their dreadnought)


My List was:

Kanuni dreadnought with 3 frigates as escorts


Sadrazam with extra GNE to give my cruisers a movement boost for capturing ships or objectives.

Sinop monitors with extra SAS

Sinop monitors with extra SAS 

Fettah cruisers

Arci destroyers


17 Activations in total (Not that I was trying to get that many but it was just a perk of the Ottoman Orbat)


I won my games mostly through storm template and cloud shenanigans, blocking chokepoints with them to mess with my opponents shooting  (in my first game I had the cloud activated on my dreadnought, plus 1 storm template on top of it at one point so both my dreadnought and frigate escort would be 6s to hit which was lucky as the dreadnought and frigates were all the British dreadnought could see all game).


Bit of advice for your list, ignore the Minelayers and anything to do with Minelaying with the Ottomans. They are the definition of worthless. They are too easily countered in 1) mines are only on one model in the fleet, so 2) They are very easy to kill before they get close enough to make use of their mines, which 3) are too easy to destroy as your opponent gets to use AA to neutralize the Mines instead of the normal CC and we all know that there is more dice in AA than CC.

Devastating on the Mines is actually very very powerful, but the Mines are just too easy to neutralize and after a game or two you'll just go back to a normal list without them. That's what happened to me.


Also, try playing at 1500pts per game. 1000pts is just too small a game for v2.5 and it's damaging critical hits. A 1500pts game can easily be concluded within 2 hours of playing with a definitive winner. But that's just my two pennies on that.


Also, the dreadnought is the only large model you should be looking at for any game. The Sadrazam is not a very good ship and should be relegated to an add on large model if you have the Cruisers in your list to help give them a speed boost.

The Hisar is a very good unit, but I struggle to get it into lists because it's an Armoured model instead of Naval. 

So the dreadnought is the best compromise as it gives the extra SAS and packs one hell of a punch for a fairly lacklustre Orbat.



That's my advice.

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