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El Cid

K9 Automata and Sic' em

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Hello guys,


one rule interaction I don't get and want to ask for clarification. When a K9 Automata Unit activates within 3 of a Unit with Sic' em they get Teamwork but don't the need teamwork before activating to use a triggered activation? I mean if they have to activate to get the rule they have to be able to do so and can't benefit from it?


What am I missing?


Thanks for helping a rookie :)

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I can see how the wording might be confusing. The next update will have it like this:

This unit’s Posse may include a unit of K9 AUTOMATA for the appropriate points cost. These are considered to occupy the same Posse slot as this unit. A unit of K9 Automata within 3" of this model at the end of this model's Activation gain the Teamwork special rule for that turn. For one Action Point this unit may nominate an enemy unit within 18”. The weapons of any friendly K9 AUTOMATA unit gains the Refined quality for all Shoot and Strike Actions this turn against that targeted unit. 


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