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Who are the Covenant now?

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I'm pretty happy to see that the forums have been reopened, although I'm still touring around for all the changes. As a long time penguin, I'm interested to see how these new changes break down.

I know we're still some ways off from the game relaunching, but is there an idea of who the Covenant are now? I know nothing about WWX, but perusing the models we seem...eviler? More Mechanicus than Well-intentioned Mad Scientist? I like the idea of cyborg laser whales, but replacing robots with cyborg construct infantry is definitely a tonal shift.

Also, are we rolling other factions into our own, or are we still sui generis? Hell, are we even still based out of Antarctica? I hope so. In another thread I saw a Warframe rep say they had posted some fluff, but I couldn't see it in the Mercs page.  

That's a lot of questions, but I'm hoping that we can start to get some answers and move forward with a game that's brought (me at least) a lot of good times!

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The Description of the enlightened on the WWX website 


The greatest scientific minds of a generation have allied themselves into the Covenant of the Enlightened. A powerful coterie of genius that spans the globe.

Humanity is facing countless dangers from the avarice of powerful individuals, the ambition of emerging superpowers and the influence of extra-terrestrial entities. It is the Enlightened who apply their brilliance to unlock the secrets of their enemies and harness the incredible to the service of mankind.

Through science, death is held at bay with the mortally wounded restored as a construct in service to the Lords and Ladies of the Enlightened.

Through science, energy is brought to the masses with the discovery of superconductive materials and the commercial availability of RJ-1027 power cells.

Through science, the simple morality of good and evil is shown to be meaningless. Only by embracing all the possibilities that scientific endeavour offers can humanity truly be freed and safe.

I've been trying to keep abreast, though I may be wrong, but there is the description of different 'coteries', including one in Antarctica run by Sturgeon.  The key to the success of this version seems to be a battery, rather than sturginium which is now only described as a super conductor.  They have some kind of alien tech, due to the Hex, an alien parasite, and some kind of vague link to the dark council.

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