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Alternate Starter Sets

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So, this particular Spartan Refugee has been considering picking up maybe a few models from WWX and maybe even getting into the game if its decent enough (hell, the Wayward 8 models alone are enough to get me interested...). I also understand that the Gunfight at Red Oak box is considered the "official" starter set. Problem is, though, with the exception of the Wayward 8 for the Outlaws, and the Deadly 7 for the Lawmen, neither the Outlaw or Lawmen factions really interest me. If anything, I'd be more interested in the Union, Confederates, Order and the Crown, if the latter ever gets any releases.

Can you guys suggest an alternate investment other than the Red Oak box that I can buy as a starter for the game? Allow me to play a few matches to see if I want to seriously into it? And any other purchases that would go along with them (cards etc.)?

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In case of the Union and the Confederated Rebellion, you're lucky that those two factions got each a starter posse/set on their own.

No Surrender! Union Starter Set

Confederate Rebellion Outlaws Starter Set

Keep in mind that the Starter 'Set' boxes are shipped with the required adventure and action cards, aswell as templates, condition markers dice and the rulebook itself, while the Starter 'Posse' boxes are only containing the miniatures along their (currently outdated) stat cards.

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