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Just remember the directorate's first, and most relentlessly tortured victims, almost everyone in the directorate.

Pg 7 core rules

"For the corporate chief executives life is heaven...but for everyone else life is almost literally hell. There are no citizens in the directorate, only human resources to be expended and sometimes destroyed on a whim."

For those of you with the overseers pamphlet, you know that Markus Vosun, could hardly be said to enjoy his life as a fleet commander.

So remember, my friends, when you do deals with the directorate, your not just feeding a corporate monster, you are helping some poor, frightned soul, make quota.

You have saved there life, thanks to you, thier organic compounds will not be reappropriated.

Save a life, buy from directorate :P

Seriously though, the fluff is pretty sad :unsure:

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In the priveleged position of commanding those vessels though? Damn. I had my first game against Directorate and I was being put to shame having systems shut down, being boarded and eventually missing the target station capture completely in the mayhem. 

@Skyhawk I tried out your table too but its been a chaotic month, Im sorry mate I'll let you know how it worked when I can turn notes into a little writeup


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On 7/21/2018 at 12:17 PM, Wolfgang Jannesen said:

@Skyhawk I tried out your table too but its been a chaotic month, Im sorry mate I'll let you know how it worked when I can turn notes into a little writeup

Don't worry about it, I forgot myself!:lol:

Hopefully I'll have some pictures of some finished ships here soon. That is if I don't get distracted by painting something else! 

@Polaris Did you magnetize those?

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@Toxic_Rat and @Polaris, thanks guys! I appreciate it! The Razorthorn actually has the old paint scheme I was using, without the blue. When I was going back on my scheme, I figured I needed something to contrast a little and threw the blue on there. I'll have to figure out how to incorporate it on the Razorthorn.

Ironically, I actually came into a brand new 1.0 Terran Box through pure luck. I might use the Razorthorn I currently own as a testbed and then finalize the paint scheme on the new one I have on the way!

@Bessemer, it feels pretty darn good to be back, honestly. A lot of catching up to do in the upcoming months, but after playing other fleet games (and while they are enjoyable and fun in their own way) none of them lived up to the same kind of fun I got out of Firestorm. I'm really looking forward to the new release which we'll hopefully being seeing next year! In the meantime I'll be painting, fleshing out my lore so more, and finally coming up with some kind of naming convention for my ships...

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@ChibiPotatoes as far as naming conventions and such, a long while back, I began to paint squadron insignia on all my directorate, the right side would have a unique squadron symbol, the other side had symbols which were identical through the the fleet, and essentially counted off the members if the squad (though I had different names for the symbols)

It was a ton of fun, because I didn't have to name everything, but everything had a personal designation and insignia, what made this more fun, is the enemy can eventually recognize specific ships, one of my frigates in particular recieved the nickname "defiant" by an opponent, it happened to be the soul survivor of a squad in a match, but preceded to criticize a battleship (luck) and a cruiser (also luck) but he could not seem to remove it from the board :D

anyway, I have enjoyed it, certain ships have reputations for greatness, others, for never landing a hit...


either way it's great for developing lorw and narrative too :)

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I try to name the different Squadrons but only my Tier 1s have names painted on them. also did different markings on every battlegroup. The Tier 2 ships have Roman numerals and Regular numbers for the  tier 3s. Also the different Battlegroups have their own markings . So players can tell which ship is which and to which squadron it belongs. Saves a lot of hassle trying to name all my ships.  

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I have seen it printed with a label device on bases and it looks alright. Speaking of which, the RNV 'Fields of a Thousand Dead' is pretty well through being repainted. Any tips or criticisms on glows?

(My ships earn their names. Such as this thing wiping out a relthozan battlecruiser one turn and crippling a carrier beyond reasonable use the next)


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So I'm planning on revisiting models I painted years ago, and giving them a touch up/re-haul  as I was new to model painting at the time

after painting my omnidyne, I fell in love with glow effects, this emodels had a black base, and made a blue-white glow really pop out :D

I'm running into a problem though, my old directorate, are all white, blue, and silver (yellow dots for the "glow" of the engines)

But I want to have more then just the engines glow, my question, is if anyone has any recommendations on how to add glow to a white model?

Do I need to intentionally darken an area to make it glow? If so, how? (I do not own an airbrush...)


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