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Thanks @northerndragons! I'll be sure to give it a try. 

13 hours ago, Wolfgang Jannesen said:

That directorate scheme is growing on me over the  official examples of very flashy sci-fi paint schemes.

Thanks! I really couldn't see the Directorate having as wild a paint scheme as my Terrans. I guess you could say I am going for a Corporate Villainy look.

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2 hours ago, TableTopTerror said:

Those directorate ships are nice what airbrush do you use? 


1 hour ago, Wolfgang Jannesen said:

@Hive I'm curious about the same thing. Beautiful choice of colours

It's a Badger 105 Patriot with the needle and nozzle swapped for the next size down. I run it off of a little compressor... I think by Pasche? It's not the most precise thing, but at least until I get way better I've stopped bothering with anything finer, the amount of cleaning I seem to have to do for my SOTAR isn't worth the extra precision, tbh.


My process is super easy- I prime Vallejo white with the airbrush, then basecoat with a steel color from Vallejo. Then I wash the plates with a watered down Citadel Nuln Oil by brush and go back to the airbrush to tint it all with Badger Minitaire Ghost Tint Plasma Fluid- Once upon a time I bought the entire Minitaire collection, and the Ghost Tints are the only part I still use. All the other colors in the collection are super inconsistent in texture, so I use Vallejo Model Air and Game Color for everything else. Anyways, rant over. I seal the color at this point with a matte varnish, and tape off the nose for two layers of red, one darker one lighter, don't remember them offhand.  I drybrush all the metallic with the original steel color. Then I  paint in all the recesses with Dark Seagreen which is really more of a grey with a very slight greenish tint. Drybrush with Vallejo Light Gray, wash with Nuln Oil. The glows are done with Vallejo Magenta and then, of all things, a quick hit of 50/50 Golden Flourescent Pink mixed with Vallejo White Grey. I could belt these guys out in an afternoon, if I could ignore the drying time on the primer/washes.

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10 hours ago, TableTopTerror said:

I have an iwata hp-cs thats why i asked. Whats the needle size .3 or .35?

I'll have to double check that for you, haha. Been a while since I swapped the needle over. Looks like its a .35- Badger needle sizes don't seem to be too well documented, but I know the standard is a .5 and I went down in size with a Badger-made needle, right now the only smaller needle I can see made by them for the 105 is .35, so that's likely it.

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