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Work has started on the gaming table! This thing's playing surface is roughly 50" x 78", I've just primed it black. Because its got a leaf I can't do my original plan of covering it in a thick layer of clearcoat mastic, but instead I'll be using several layers of a clear topcoat over acrylic paints. Will be updating with pictures of the galaxy and planet as we progress through it

EDIT: Having trouble uploading pictures, I'll create an album once we have some more shots of the nebula forming and link it here. Sorry folks!

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I've been waiting for destroyers to arrive all weekend, got another fleet of RSN on the way too thanks to the shipyard!

Having a hell of a time finding anyone to play against in the meantime though. Thinking of buying a second fleet and offering it for free to anyone local who wants to get into a space game

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I've half found a solution. I picked up a Relthoza dread and cruiser box and two squads of frigate from my FLGS (nobody in my town played spiders I guess, it was a breeze finding everything)

Then I just put out a call in local groups asking if anyone was looking for a space game to get into and make terrain for, offered the guy that responded first the fleet if he liked a trial game. If I'm real lucky, it'll turn out alright this weekend (where that table FINALLY SEES SOME USE!)


EDIT: DESTROYERS ARE HERE! Finally something to work on! 

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I'd like to present the recolor of my fleet, all laid out on my table in their space police splendor 


Carrier, the RNV Augur

Battleship, the RNV IronBreaker

Dreadnought, the RNV Unyielding Justice

Cruiser Group


Destroyer Group


Frigate Groups (working with what I could get model-wise)

And finally how it looks to play these beautiful ships 


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