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I do like the Uncharted Seas too and I found that game recently and was able to pick up quite a few ships.  I admin to not being a very good painter but these miniatures are simple enough for my skills and I look forward to many more.  I especially like the imperial humans.

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Some of the VERY early Uncharted models were some of the early ones that Spartan ever did, so their resin quality is nothing like as good as it was near the end. They did also update a lot of the fleets with the new higher quality castings and then also started releasing new designs as some of their earlier ones were very simple. It's a huge shame they never got enough steam behind it to keep updating al the factions - if you look at the early ships for most factions they are very plain compared to latter ones - Dragon Lords ships were very simplistic hulls; yet the last few were far more detailed. 


I really hope Warcradle gets Uncharted out again - there isn't another game anywhere where you can battle ships of the line against moving ork fortresses on water; against steam powered ironships against magical bolt throwing warships against galleons with oars pulled by the dead and escorted by vast undead whales! Not to mention dragons in the sky breathing down fire (I oft thing some realy good artwork coupled to some marketing would really have had Uncharted sell well).


The only downside is that chances are Uncharted won't appear for a few years. If Dystopian is the focus for this year, then there's still Firestorm and Planetfall to come (I'd expect Uncharted to be the last if just because it has the smallest lasting market; makes far more sense to get Dystopian and Firestorm Armada out to the existing fanbase and market). 

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