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New Faction in 2018

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Reposted from The Dark Council Facebook group:

So at the end of the year, I currently have 2 nearly completed factions fully painted and ready to go. At current count, I've got 3435 points of Lawmen and 2570 points of Outlaws. While I have my eye on a few additions to these forces (Infernal Investigations, some Confederates, and of course vehicles), I also have a small handful of Union, Order, and Enlightened models as well that I could build up to a decent size fairly quickly.

The Order force I'm putting on the back burner for a bit until more Cor Caroli get released (and because the Spica have SO. MANY. LEATHER. STRAPS.), so it looks like my choices will be between the Union and Enlightened.

Which should I choose?

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Well, I for one have long loved the idea of the Enlightened, with the scientific minds of the era trying to lead humanity into a brighter future and such. I like a lot of their bosses and faces and the like.

But honestly I'm personally still not sure how I feel about their hands. I think seeing some of the hands models in real life would be my make or break on picking up Enlightened myself.


As for the Union, Abe Lincoln is wonderful. Also I feel like the union hands have nice clean lines (and not as many leather straps as spica). Plus to me, the Union has a nice unified appearance through their uniforms that ties even most of their bosses and faces together with the troops neatly in a way the Enlightened might not get as easily.

Also, since you mention a plan to pick up confederates for your outlaw force, having Union would allow you to set up some great alternate history civil war battles and such if that is what you are into.


So in the end I guess I say pick what you like more, but those are my thoughts

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Honestly, I picked up every faction so I could always have options for those I play against...  My Favorites are Lawmen and The Order...  I currently have Lawmen, Outlaws, The Order and Union painted armies... ongoing work on some rebels... warrior nation... and the original Wayward 8... plus an assortment of adds to union, lawmen, and outlaws.

I do like having some synergy to my demos... so having iconic forces painted up can help with showcasing the game... so will likely paint up Hex next to counter my Order... 

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