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The invaders

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In the old Dystopian Wars there was an alien faction "martianlike" with tripods and stuff that did not take part in the DW fluf story but you could have it as "what if" story of DW.  SInce wild west exodus has an alien faction i think it could be remade to pay a major role in the new background story of DA. What do you think?


btw: Hapy xmas!! :)

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Because of the "adjustments" to the new dystopian age timeline, if the invader models are going to be used, they're more than likely be rolled into another faction's forces (possibly as the forces of a League of Crimson commander gone full supervillain). This new timeline is currently at "one minute to midnight" on the doomsday clock, and even though humans always act like it has a snooze button, a full-on invasion of BEMs would unite humanity

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Unless you have some insider info Naz, I'm going to say that's a bit out there.  The invaders are just unique look that no faction could really identify with them.  Penguin nation is closest, but they have giant crabs, worms, and centipedes.  Tripods and floating scarabs don't seem like the league either.  I can be wrong, as I have been before, but the folding of the current invader units into another faction just loses its shiny uniqueness.  I do agree that an invasion would be great.  Nothing like a horde of unknown war machines to unite the masses and distract them from the problems in their own backyard.

Leader: Oh, look!  An obvious distraction!

Citizen: Where?  I don't see this distraction.  Where is it?

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To counter that theory, we don't know the new rules/weapons for the League yet.  Just having that claw turret lazer underneath doesn't make quite alike.  But to misquote myself from another topic: I don't know the final picture, so I don't know how the invaders will be brought back into (if ever) the official game.  I can only speculate, like yourself and others, and despite bringing invaders into the official game would be awesome for us owners of the force, I do not think that is on the table at this time, nor in the immediate future of the game.

Now following what I could theorize in the old fluff, with many new vaults being found, I can see some League with invader tech that no one else has,, like China and Egypt, with the exception of the Frozen States of Penguins.  Another thought: how to keep the BEM's as a superior force, without being to vastly overpowered?  A power creep is always disliked, and I remember V1.1 when Antarctica, France, and Russia were released.  I cannot speak for others, but each core nation after the first four had set a higher level of abilities.

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