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Mounts for models.

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If you want to be lazy (or are working with a model that won't really convert that well with that method) you can always put the mount on a bigger base and put the model standing next to it. For extra points, you can magnetize the model and bases to make it easy to switch from mounted to unmounted.

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I have not kit bashed yet and want stuff that is not available on the store.  It would not be to hard and  I hope someone at  Warcradle is working on releasing models that are not currently made or have not been available since Outlaw had the game. I have a Gyro Copter and  I want  2 more Gyro Copters for my Lawmen to have a full unit. I have one and it is amazing most games. 

Also I have 3 interceptors and the heads,  but I want 6 of the Deputies on Iron Horses, I notices they are 2 minimum on the stat card. but no models available to buy.  I not sure how many models are unavailable for every factions but people will buy if they are available. They have different heads just need the bikes. I think if there is stat cards available for models, The models  should be available. If not people will make there own or use  proxy models  from other games and that down not help Warcradle make money to keep staff paid or the lights on so this does not disappear.  I am someone who wants to buy the correct model and support the company. They need to make money to keep producing these beautiful models.   

Also packs of stats cards would be amazing, I do print them out. but Wyrd (Malifaux) has factions packs each edition and they sell in my store like hot cakes. I would buy the cards for my factions I play every edition. I play that much WWX these day.   

The other thing I think Warcradle needs to post a idea on what they are looking to release or make available over a  6 month or for the year. To help people know weather to kit bash models or wait for the releases.  


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