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Still playing

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Big Fans of Uncharted Seas. We continue to play in Fort Wayne Indiana when we get time. Got a  pretty good following. We hope new stuff is coming out in the future. Please let us know!  I play the orcs mainly because the bone griffons are a cheaty overpowered fleet!

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17 hours ago, enginer230 said:

I'm also in Fort Wayne and the reason why Bryce says Bone Griffins are OP.

He forgets that he plays Orcs which are completely broken. ;)

oh so cheaty McCheaterson finds his way here.......

Well I guess I'll still take on your fleet, despite it's overpoweredness......

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I'll leave this tidbit, which I took from the manbattlestations.com blog regarding the May 4th Q&A, here:

Uncharted Seas

  • WC has spent a lot of time on it
  • In a fairly advanced stage of development, some elements are still being worked
  • Won’t see a lot for the next few months
  • Expect more info/announcements in the Fall

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