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Warcradle Stuart

The Future of Dystopian Legions

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With the launch of the Dystopian Age, there will no doubt be questions about the future of Dystopian Legions. While Wild West Exodus is part of the Dystopian Age, it is not intended to be the home for any additional factions. Rather than shoehorning factions like the Prussian Imperium into Wild West Exodus we are looking at a new game for those factions. It will not be called 'Dystopian Legions' but will certainly be a home to many of the forces that would have featured in that game.  It will use similar rules to Wild West Exodus but will be  focussed on larger  units and a more militarised structure (as would befit the factions with in). As it uses similar rules as Wild West Exodus it will be compatible with factions from that game for tournaments and casual play.  

There is no release date planned for this (as yet untitled) game.  As and when we have more news we will announce it.  

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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