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Forum Rules

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Forum Rules

The Warcradle Community forum is a place to find other like-minded individuals to share your hobby, start conversations and discuss everything Warcradle Studios!

We want this to be a positive and safe space for all members of the community to contribute to and feel happy to take part in, free from negativity.

By registering as a member of the Warcradle Community, you agree to the following rules:

Treat ALL Forum members with respect.


G1. Do not promote the use of an alternate product to those sold by Warcradle Studios,or previously sold by Outlaw Miniatures and Spartan Games.

G2. Do not use any logo belonging to Warcradle Studios, modified or original, as your avatar.

G3. Do not register “Mod <name>”, “Admin <name>”, “Warcradle <name>”, “Outlaw <name>”, “Vangaurd <name>”, “Deputy <name>”, “Spartan <name>” usernames; these are reserved for official Moderators and Warcradle Studios use only.

G4. Do not promote, advertise or sell personal items on the Forum.

G5. Do not post purely to increase your Profile’s number of posts; wasteful posts will be deleted.

G6. Do not repeatedly post the same question or bump posts

G7. Do not use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS in Topic Titles.

G8. Do not create large, overly complicated signatures.

G9. Do not copy and repost content from the forums on other websites or social media. It is acceptable to instead post a link back to the thread. 


S1. Do not attempt to claim to represent or speak on behalf of Warcradle Studios if you are not a Warcradle employee.

S2. Do not deliberately and/or maliciously spread false information about Warcradle Studios’ games, moderators or employees.

S3. Do not discuss, illustrate or promote any illegal subject matter.

S4. Do not post any offensive or inappropriate material, or use offensive language.

S5. Do not post anything malicious about any company (this includes retailers, Warcradle Studios and any past owners of IP’s which are now under Wayland Games ownership).

S6. Do not taunt, flame or, in any other way, bait another user into a confrontation.

S7. Do not post spam.

S8. Do not share passwords to or access another member’s account.

S9. Do not create deliberately provocative or insincere posts, or use click-bait titles. ‘Trolling’ is always prohibited.


What happens if I break the rules?

Depending on the severity of the incident, as judged by the moderators or administrator, one or more of the following courses of action will be taken.

A Private Message warning will be sent to the user and the user may be required to take action on their part i.e. apologise to another user.

The user will be given an official Warning

The user‘s account is suspended for a period of time.

The user’s account is permanently banned.

Warcradle Studios reserves the right to decide on the relevant action required based on the rules that were broken and the severity of the incident. If Warcradle Studios decides that one or more rules from S1 - S9 has been broken, Warcradle may choose to permanently ban the user's account.


General Etiquette

Before posting a New Topic, please ensure you search the Forum for similar posts. Keep Topics on their original subject; if you wish to discuss a new subject, please start a New Topic.

Members may disagree on certain subjects, if this happens and you do not feel the Topic can continue without breaching Forum Rules, please leave the Topic and do not continue to post there.

If you receive Private Message that is in breach of the Forum Rules, please report this to a Moderator.

If a user has posted a link to external content (not based within the Warcradle Forum, Website or Shop) be aware that Warcradle Studios takes no responsibility for the content this may link to.

We recommend that you do not post personal information about yourself or other members.

And finally, the Warcradle Community exists so that members can air their views on our games; discuss topics, share information and debate ideas. We welcome and encourage constructive feedback about our products, whether the feedback is positive or negative and whether it is through the Community or direct to us. However, the Community is not the place for unconstructive criticism or complaints about any companies, people or products and such posts will be removed.

Note: The Forum Rules and Etiquette are subject to change.

Edited by Warcradle Stuart
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