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The Woeful Tale of Wyatt Earp and the First Ever Army Build

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I am not very far into planning my first army beyond I MUST HAVE WYATT AND DOC... oh, and some other guys, who I will throw in harm's way all the time to keep my precious Wyatt and Doc safe. I may paint those unfortunates with red shirts.


Things to build, which I'm no good at and to paint, which I'm still worse at.




Further bulletins as events warrant.

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Right, here we go. Please bear in mind that I'm new to building an army of my own and this is my first time at having a go. I am deliberately going for basic because I want to get to grips with the gameplay before I go wild.


Tell me what I've done right, what I've done wrong. Wyatt and a Doc will always be there, no matter what, but other than that personal preference...


Onto the interim-named 'Eight Men and Their Dogs'


BOSS - Wyatt Earp, 270

Face 1 - Virgil Earp. 145

Hands 1 - K9 X 3. 60

Face 2 - Doc Holliday. 160

Hands 2 - Riflemen X 5 125


760 Points, although because I'm too lazy to get out of bed and get something with a calculator, I've attempted to work it out in my head. I've got three different answers so far.


Maths. Not my thing.

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Well, Doc got painted as well. It was much needed for the trip to Tombstone, because the pair of them had fun being pictured in entertaining spots. The rest of the army is mostly done and just quietly sitting waiting now.


In the meantime, here's Doc 'n' Wyatt enjoying the view from Boot Hill.


![](http://www.wildwestexodusforum.com/uploads/editor/os/4rv6rom02v5g.jpg "")


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