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Another poll, this for focused fire.

focused fire in 3.0  

26 members have voted

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focused fire is being introduced to firestorm armada, the question should it?

in armada, it allows commanders to spend a CO point to give there dice a +1 to hit modifier in a given range band (varying by weapon type, primary, secondary, tertiary)

this mechanic was unpopular in PF, but it will be different in armada, camping won't happen, as ships must move, or spend even MORE CO to stop, also it costs a CO in general, which many would rather not, or flat out be unable to spend.

that said, what do you want?

anyone please feel free to give feedback, in particular any planetfall players, that have used the mechanic? what are your thoughts? how do you think it will translate in armada?

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Half moves and terrain mean that camping is alive and well.  You just have to make big turns (with T1's, everything else is negligible) behind an asteroid field or planetoid.  Wait for your opponent to get to your FF range, and then move out an blast.  Not enough limitations, and a bad mechanic in general.

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+1 to hit is a pretty big deal - can easily make or break some attacks

Depending on how it plays it may reward too much certain play styles. Park a dinzi B/ship back lines and let it drift around popping things as it's effective range will be long/mid and your sorries with there short/point blank just won't get close

Get into a stand off where whoever moves gets focus fired as they enter kill range...

...and maybe I'm salty from PF where my directorate with lumbering tracked etc were getting hosed by lizard artillery that could stand there lobbing shells all day but if it hurt that game I feel it can only hurt this game - maybe it works, maybe

Given the kickstarter has lurched forward a little shame the V3 rules arn't ready 

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Same thing with negative Planetfall experiences. Like never being able to occupy an objective, at all, thanks to Focused Anti-personel Valkyries, and Focused Barrage Terror Weapon Heimdalls. Focused Shield Busting Kinetics across the board.

Heck, just porting anything over from Planetfall is a bad idea. There's a reason why my group doesn't play Planetfall, nobody likes the rules well enough to want to buy into it. Even myself who has the most forces, they're barely painted and the rules are off-putting enough I don't want expand. I definitely don't want the rules being ported over to and ruining Armada for me.

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Im withholding my vote until i know what this new option will mean in the greater scope of the game. But i remain skeptical of promoting even bigger alphastrike attacks. As it is a first strike with a healthy cruiser squadron can have a significant effect on the game. The new CR+DR rules and crit chart will make first strikes even more power full. Perhaps focused fire is to much, perhaps not.

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