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3.0: pace of the game, boarding and repairing

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Hi all!

I have a question far all the players out there: how many turns your average game last?

In my group usually no more than 4 turns, after that is clear who is the victor. 

Why I ask this? Because we are seeing new mechanics in 3.0 that look like "repair HP\replace CP" and considering the "nerfing" of boarding and as stated the shortish length of the game, seem to me that they could be useless complications (the staying power of the ships won't be really improved if I repair maybe 1 hp a turn, considering the deluge of fire usually concentrated on one target at a time by my adversary).

I don't have anything resembling the complete picture, of course, and I'd like some other opinion.


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Currently under V2 we go about 4 or 5 turns.  Our first V3ish game went 5 turns, but they were 5 short turns, played in half the time of a V2 game only because things died so fast!

An 8 HP carrier with 3 Shields never got it's 2nd activation, a two-gunship squad was wiped out in a single activation, a battleship died in two turns. Two 3 ship cruiser squads were reduced to singles in 2 turns.  Didn't get to heal much, the forced placement of Tier 1's first put both of us off our game and our Support Shuttle carrying ships wound up too far from anyone else to help anything and they both died before they could get close enough to help anyone anyway.

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In v2, our group plays anywhere between 4-6 turns usually.  4 if we're sure someone is going to win and want to move on, 6 (or more) for the one guy who refuses to give up until the scenario says to or he literally has no models left on the table (and with the amount of times he's had a single Frigate crit a T1, I guess he has a point).  In any case, in many games the eventual winner is clear by turn 3 or 4 at the latest, barring a terrifically unlucky/lucky string of dice rolls occurring.  Still better than Planetfall though, we generally determine a winner after turn 2, 3 at the latest.

In my limited testing of v3, it falls closer to the Planetfall scale.  The ramped up critical damage, addition of the CR+DR hit, and addition of Focused Fire (though we're only guessing about what ships will get what weapon systems) makes the game far more deadly.  I didn't experience quite what Commodore did, but it's certainly possible to completely maul the stuffing out of even the toughest Large ships now.  I hope the testers are taking this into account for factions that are based around "regrowing" like the Pathogen.  I'm not sure that they're going to actually *get* to regrow much before they get blown into chunks.

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