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Assembling the old Metzger Ausf B

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Greenstuff cures super fast when exposed to superglue; so you can use a very very tiny bit in a joint to help seal it fast. Just a very tiny bit placed into the join and then apply the glue and press the parts together.

You should, of course, remember to score the joining areas as always to increase the surface area for the join. 


Note you really want to use a tiny bit of greenstuff; whatever you think is enough cut it in half. This is important as otherwise you'll end up with the greenstuff spreading out as its pressed into the join area. If it covers a large enough area you'll end up with greenstuff in the middle of the join - thus being a weak point. You're only using it to act as a tiny point of instant contact to hold things together. 



Scoring and greenstuff should make for a strong quick sealing bond. 

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