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2.5 Campaign in Northern Va. Starting in September

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Gonna try a campaign to facilitate playing interest and scenario playing.

DW players in Fredericksburg, VA. have expressed an interest in a campaign. We play at Your Hobby Place game Store. Play at other sites can be included if players wish.
The main point is an excuse to play DW games with a mix of scenarios and pick up games.

Not a Flashpoint campaign. Preset objectives and no economics. Map is optional depending on the majority of players desires. 

It will still be a ladder series of scenarios gaining logistical and military capability as one progresses. Players will be able to fight Non-player Fleets for initial objectives and then each other- reducing another player's effective logistics, force size, and make-up.
Ladder Scenarios will usually contain a smaller and larger point size versions.

Losses of models with SV will not be available for the next battle. Retreat will be permitted for players to maintain their fleet.
Players can rotate a few units into and out of their overall fleet between battles.
As logistics/force limits increase Players can add units to the overall fleet.
Land battles will be allowed. These can be integrated into Capture Scenarios, (capture port, airfield, strait) on an optional basis.

Players with small DW fleets can use loaner fleets from me or others as available or form alliances with other players.
I will be offering some set piece battles for new players using loaner fleets with pre-identified fleets that will let them progress in the campaign. Like those in the two player sets. These will be smaller scenarios in point size. I can GM some these and other vets could volunteer to do the same if desired.
I will design some multi-player scenarios. Input on these will be sought.
Players will identify a starting overall fleet that they can then choose from to play specific scenarios. There will be limits on overall points and models selection, (e.g. no Dreads, one Carrier at start, no Local Air at start, and possibly limited to smaller point size battles at start). 
There will be some small rewards for meeting certain conditions in Ladder Scenarios-very specific and limited use of some prized models, some special tech that can be used until lost, etc.

Fairly lose overall. Any pick-up battle can count.
AARs will be posted on Man Battle Stations forum with links to images as available. I will post links from DW FB sites to MBS as well (with Andy's OK).
Their will be a ending date and prizes--TBD
I will post more with initial scenarios later this week.

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Sure. I play a game at Huzzah Hobbies (Asburn) once a month, I play at Eagle & Empire in Arlington, and at a friends home in Woodbridge so when I say Northern Virginia it pretty much is Northern Virginia. Campaigners can play within their own group as desired but I will try to get mixed play if I can.


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