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Eclipse Company rulebook exception?

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Does anyone know what the exception is that the Eclipse Company is supposed to ignore for force composition?


A friend of mine is asking, but I remember from when they were released that there was a copy and paste error from the last edition??


A page number for the rule in question would be nice too.

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Page 21 in the 2.0 rule book.

The new rules it should be section 4, not 3.  Page 85.

4. The Core Force Type
A Force MUST be Armoured, Naval or Aerial in Core
Force Type (often referred to as simply Core Force
or Core Type). This refers to the main body of the
Force and its likely constituents. This Core Force
must make up at least 60% of the overall MFV agreed
upon by the players.
For example, a Naval Core Force with an MFV
of 2000 points may not have more than 800 points
of Non-Naval Models included. Certain Models are
always treated as Non-Core: Infantry (of any type),
Fortifications and Allied Squadrons (see later).


In short, HEC doesn't have to keep their core force at 60%.  So if the theater is naval they can bring 90% of their list as aerial if they wanted.  Which is pretty much required since their only naval units are tiny or fortifications.

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Thanks. I thought that was the exception to the rule they had, But my friend wanted to make sure as another opponent of his is digging his feet in that it is rule 3 in v2.5 and he wont play against that faction unless he follows the rules to the letter (He's a bit of an ass, who routinely cheats both before a game (eg, he adds an extra 100+ points onto his lists, or goes above the size class percentages max) and during the game (claiming he has a rule, or a generator option on some of his units when they don't))


They are good friends though, otherwise my friend wouldn't keep playing him.

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