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A while back I did a quick 600pts to teach a mate how to play and this is the Battle Report on it, Enjoy.


The objective was to capture and hold the 5 scattered tokens around the map. In the squadrons movement phase they would move withim 6" and make a command roll to see if they successfully captured the objective.
at the end of turn 4 the fleet that held the most objectives was the winner. We also played it so that you could capture your opponents objectives as well.


Directorate forces.(My opponent, "Tdog")
2 R&D Cruisers
2 Gunships
4 frigates


Sorylian forces (My fleet)
2 Heavy cruisers
3 frigates
3 frigates (with a proxied Aquan frigate)


End of Turn 1,
All the Directorate forces deployed.
All the Sorylian forces but the battleship deployed.
Sorylians capture 2 objectives


One frigate squadron take cover in the gas cloud and capture an objective.
The other squadron Move up capture an objective and shoot down one of the Directorates frigates.


The Directorate battleship moves up and fires on the Sorylian Heavy cruisers with its Cyberwarefare weaponry shutting down the space ships engines. It also fired its torpedoes and did a point of damage to the same ship.


End of Turn 2
The Sorylian battleship makes a shunt entry to the battlefield, right behind the opposing battleship.
Sorylians and Directorate hold 2 objectives each.


The Sorylian Battleship fires into the rear arc of the opposing battleship, Causing a point of damage, luckily Georges shield roll mitigated some of the damage. 
Unfortunately for him, the battleships torpedoes cause another point of damage. And the heavy cruisers move up and cause another point of damage to the ship aswell.


The Frigates on both side duke it out over the objective. The Directorate Gunships fire on one othe frigate squadrons vaporising one of the ships instantaneously.


End of Turn 3.
The Directorate frigates swoop in and momentarily steal a Sorylian objective, but are shot down with the objective being recaptured.
Sorylians and Directorate hold 2 objectives each.


The battleships continue to fire at each other, unfotunatley georges shield rolls were pretty bad and he took more damge, He did manage to shut down more systems of the battleship with its cyberwarefare weaponry.
The Sorylian cruisers move to the centre of the fight and open up port, starboard and fo'rd weapon systems doing damage all round.
They wipe out the remainding frigates, destroy the wounded battleship, but fail to damage the gunships.

The gunships return fire but only manage to put a point of damage on the already damaged cruiser.


Halfway through turn 4.
The Sorylian battleship moves up and captures a Directorate objective whilst fireing on both the directorate cruisers causing more damage.
The Directorate Gunships swiftly move in, retake the objective and blow and large chunk out of the Battleship.
The cruisers move up fireing they're weapons nearly destroying an opposing cruisers.


The squadron to activate are the Sorylian frigates, with their speed they swoop in and make a successful capture roll on the objective and secure a Sorylian Victory.
It was a good game, Tdog unfortunately made some horrible shield rolls for his battleship, which cost him the ship just after a few turns.
Ultimatly it came down to a dice roll to determine if it was a sorylian victory or a draw. 
If Tdogs frigates had gotten past my fleet they would have been able to capture my objectives in the rear of the map.

Thanks for reading guys.

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