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New to Planetfall (relthoza) need advice

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I'm looking to get into the game...... I had posted a while back about looking into it, but I got sucked into another miniature game instead. 

Anyway, I'm back looking into the relthoza but I'm hearing that they got beat with the nerf bat like a trailer park in a tornado. Any advice? Have there been adjustments made to fix what I was reading about?

How are the relthoza now? What's their play style like? I'm planning on trying to download the most recent ruleset and getting up to speed, just haven't had time yet. 

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You can certainly still win with Relthoza, you're just limited to one competitive play style.  Core is good (except for infantry), max it out.  The Leviathan is excellent, particularly with some of the TAC cards.  The Ground Command is also quite good.  Your force should be based around these.  Your goal is to seize the scouting initiative and secure a route towards your opponent, utilizing the fact that basically everything in the force can be upgraded to have recon.  Move from cover to cover until you get to mid-short range.  If you're largely undamaged at this point, you've probably got the game.  If you got the **** shot out of you first, you probably lost.  That's pretty much it.

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Yeah.....that sounds unfortunate. I could see playing the same style/list over and over becoming very repetitive and boring. In my opinion, this is a clear indicator that they're underpowered and/or poorly balanced. When a large portion of your faction isn't usable and you have only one option for a viable strategy.....well it kind of takes the strategy part out of the game because you don't have a choice in how you play. 

I think being overpowered is just as bad as being underpowered though. I do not enjoy face stomping my opponent. I guess we'll see what happens with the new rules. I may just pull the trigger anyway. 

I'll probably be buying online. Any suggestions? I'd really like to buy at my LGS but their prices are ridiculously high, so even though I want to support them, I can't justify it. 

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